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The Year’s End: Top Quotes from Florida Politics in 2010

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Yeah, we’re gonna do another list post, but this one is going to be one of my favorites. I’m going to run down some of the most popular, funny, and controversial quotes from Florida’s politicians over the last year. These are in no particular order, so I’m just gonna line up them up.

Here we go!

“The Taliban has been there for years and years, I mean, hundreds of thousands of years.” – Kendrick Meek during the Senate Debates- One of my favorites, after I heard it I was laughing for the next 20 minutes

“I will not accept, nor will I seek the head coaching position at Florida” – Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty, 10 minutes after Gator coach Urban Meyer resigned.- Great timing by the Mayor

During a forum from two candidates for OC Commissioner:
“I pray to god everyday, to help lead me into a better future with my wife and children”- Mayor Doug Kinson

“I prayed to god and he told me to run for Orange County Commission”- Ted Edwards

“Personally, she has no children and lives with her 60-year-old eye-doctor boyfriend.”- John Stemberger on the now Attorney General-elect Pam Bondi- Not very Christian or smart, Stemberger..

“Sandy Adams has some strange ideas”- Suzanne Kosmas attack ads- I’ll make sure to bring that up after she’s sworn in….the most ineffective attack ad of the year

“College kids don’t care about Bill Clinton, they’re worried about Twilight Vampires and Katy Perry”- myself during a FOX 35 segment

“He’s a good boy”- Ester Scott -Absolute Money…probably won her son the election…

“The reason Pine Hills isn’t getting any money is because my opponents have spent all of it, in the Emerald city (Orlando) on (performing) art centers” Matt Falconer during the Pine Hills OC Mayor Debate-

““I think you will find that I am the most even tempered, mom type, that you could put in to office and will do exactly that what you want me to do, you won’t see me veered away by special interests”– Former Commissioner and OC Mayor Candidate Linda Stewart- A first class commissioner all of the way.

“Son, who are you working with this year?” “I’m working with the Republicans, Dad” …”Hell no, son! I knew I should have been around more, when you were growing up!”– My dad

The Charlie Crist Section (Yes, he gets his own section): I could have done a whole post on just his quotes.

“I’m a Jeb Bush Republican”

“I don’t caucus with Republicans or Democrats, I caucus with the people of Florida”

“I’m not on either team. I’m a free agent, a free agent for the people of Florida”

“That’s hurtful, you don’t know me. You don’t know whats in my heart”- after Rubio’s “You didn’t go Independent because of your beliefs you went independent because you took a poll”

“I married a nice Jewish girl”- referring to his lovely wife Carole Crist

The Guv and his wife, Carole

“Today I am calling this legislature, The do nothing legislature”

“I’m an old Quarterback, when you walk up the line, you got to call an audible” ”

“You can find me on line 9 of your ballots”– oh boy

I really could go on and on…

“(Don’t) Submit to me”- Dan Webster in maliciously edited Taliban Dan ad by the Alan Grayson campaignWhen Alan Grayson finally went too far..

“Die Quickly” and “Republicans want you to die”– Alan Grayson during the health care debates

“Alan Grayson isn’t going to decide how this race goes, I’m going to decide how this race goes”- Dan Webster at the West Orlando Tea Party Forum

“The Rent is too damn high”– NY Governor Candidate Jimmy McMillan- Ok, not in Florida, but I felt the need to include it

“I think they were tone-deaf,”– Alex Sink on the White House’s political approach during the election year.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t start shouting Polo or we’d all be in trouble”– Marco Rubio during his victory speech

“Bi-partisanship is a fallacy” – Congressman Alan Grayson- You can’t think that way…

“So, we can have notes, we can have people that work for us give us messages?”– Rick Scott during Textgate aka Debate Gate vs. Alex Sink

Textgate would probably be my choice for biggest political moment of the year..

“I will not drop out of this race for any reason,” Meek said. “I am nominated by the Democrats of the state of Florida. I am in this race to run to be the next United States senator. And no, I am not running for second.”– Kendrick Meek

“I can’t promise you I am going to run for office (get elected) and then go and break the law, I have to follow the law, and the state sets the laws.”– Teresa Jacobs- Orange County Mayor-Elect

“It doesn’t matter if your dad was a bartender or if your mom was a maid. You can accomplish anything if you work hard and play by the rules” – Marco Rubio

Your an entertainer right?” – Commissioner Bill Segal to myself during an OCYR meeting- and it looks like that is going to stick…Hey at least it’s a great conversation starter at parties!

and I could go on and on… has been a great year for political quotes and I could have easily doubled the quotes in this post easily….I’ve enjoyed writing about it.

This is going to be my last post for 2010. This has been such a great year for me and this blog. Thanks to all of my family, friends, the media here in Orlando, and to the readers. Keep an eye out for me on television as we move closer our new lawmakers taking office at the beginning of the year. God Bless…

“Let’s Get To Work”- Governor Elect Rick Scott

Five Funny Things for a Monday (Not a Politician was stirring edition)

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It’s tough being a political blog during the week leading up to the New Year. All of the lawmakers have put away their weapons for the holidays and are resting for the craziness that awaits them in 2011. This will be a politically light edition of Five Funny Things for a Monday and here we go…

5. The Christmas Tree at Lake Eola gets blow over!:Oh, where to start? Let’s see, I guess the Big Bad Wolf was a Boston Celtics fan and when he stumbled out of the Amway Center after the Orlando Magic victory to take a walk. He got ticked off and went to work on the tree here, and the rest is history. Were the winds really that bad? We couldn’t throw some 45 pound weights at the base of that thing or something? What the heck has been going on with Lake Eola park, Buddy Dyer?! The fountain’s lights were all busted, we’ve got swans being stolen and now Christmas trees are flopping around like plastic grocery bags. Let’s get it together!

Orlando's new postcard...Wish you were here..

4. Jesus loves us all, but he really loves Tim Tebow: One of my favorite football tweets yesterday came from ESPN’s Trey Wingo “Tebow parts defense, walks into endzone, Broncos take lead, choirs sing”. The former Gator’s QB led the lowly Denver Broncos’ comeback victory over the Houston Texans. I’m telling you guys, I know football and Tebow has no business having this much success in the NFL. It’s so unusual that it just has to be supernatural. God is looking out for Tim Tebow.

3. Squirrel vs. Power Lines at Disney.. Power Lines Wins: A squirrel rubbed up against some power lines the wrong way and caused a power outage for about a half hour yesterday in the Disney area. Just some quick thoughts. “I’m sure Progress Energy will find some way to bill us for this”. “The Squirrel was some kind of terrorist.”. “Maybe he should have been wearing little leather gloves?” Okay, that last one was a little mean. My condolences to the Squirrel’s brother…Rocky…

and now for something completely different..

2. My adventures in shopping for a hair straightening iron on Christmas eve: It’s bad enough shopping at the very last minute for the holidays, it’s even worse when your shopping for a ladies hair product when 1. You’re a dude and 2. You have no hair. Ultimately, I went with the “Go” model over the “Helen of Troy” straightener.

1. Alex Sink’s farewell interview with The Miami Herald: In what is a pretty well written interview, you want to wince at some of the things Sink says and ask “You didn’t know that during the campaign?” Here are some bullet points.

“So losing sucks. No matter how much you lose by, it sucks.”

“Rod (Smith) and I both came across people – particiulary form the most conservative areas of North Florida where he and I both had done well before, who just said I’m not voting for no Democrat this year, I don’t care who you are. If you have Democrat behind your name, I’m not voting for you.”

“In the past, the only way I could make news and get my word spread was to go to the press…Now, as we have seen, you can totally bypass all that. Why should you go to an editorial board when you can bypass all that?”

MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd labeled Sink the worst candidate of the year, saying on his show, “The Daily Rundown”: “Think about it. You lost to a guy who defrauded Medicare. In Florida! Okay? More people are on Medicare in Florida than maybe any other state.”

But Sink said she didn’t care what Todd said: “What I think about one person who doesn’t live in Florida and wasn’t here is that I’m ignoring him.”

You know I kinda wish she would have shot back at Chuck Todd, but she didn’t and maybe it was that kind of hesitation that lost her those 62,000 votes.

Have a great Monday…

A Christmas Message from Me to You!

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Merry Christmas Readers!

These days are such a great time to reflect on family and friends. We all tune into the news and get bombarded with terrible news from the world we live in. The conflicts overseas, our unemployment lines getting longer and longer, gridlock in Washington and Lindsay Lohan.

It’s times like these that we need to spend time with family and friends and concentrate on enjoying the relationships and the happy experiences that bring us together to celebrate the holidays. We need to recharge the batteries, it’s been a busy time.

Politics will certainly be waiting for you and exactly where you left it when you get back and I look forward to taking the journey with you.

That being said, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. I will be posting next week leading up to the swear-ins on the first week of January, until then…

God Bless and Take Care…

Merry Christmas!

Florida gains two Congressional Seats and the FCC regulates internet providers.

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Forget the Magic makeover, I’ll give you some acquisitions that Central Florida can get exited about, way better than Hedo Turkoglu, and Gilbert “I take the 2nd amendment way too seriously” Arenas. No, instead of a Small Forward who is past his prime and Guard who thinks this is the wild west, we’re going to get something that is a lot more useful.

Two more Congressional Seats in Washington and two more votes in the electoral college.

Florida is being called one of the biggest winners, when the Census data was released on Tuesday and the biggest losers? (Not talking about the NBC TV show kind either) New York and Ohio…

Hey at least you guys still have the Yankees and Lebro…..oh wait Ohio, Florida took that too…You guys have the Bengals!

Hey Ohio at least you guys still have Chad OchoCinco

This is great, I was only anticipating one seat but two seats is something to get exited about. This is two more elected officials fighting for the issues that Floridians care about. I’m talking about economic recovery with tourism friendly legislation, another couple of votes in favor of any NASA saving initiatives that might come up, and environmental policy that would preserve the Everglades.

This also means more fly-ins from the Political “Big Dogs” in 2012 to try and win Florida which, after yesterday has to be the biggest political battleground in the country. More Palin, Clintons, Huckabee’s, and Michelle Obama’s. Both parties must try to win our votes at any cost.

It’s a good day to be a voter in Florida.

Hide your internet! Here comes the FCC: I monitor Traditional and Social media all of the time, it’s part of what I do and it’s a must in my business. Know everything and at all times. People love to complain on the internet, from the moody people they work with, to the price of the gas.

One thing, I never hear them complaining about is the Internet. Enter the FCC.

Taken from The Whittier Daily News (because they can explain it a heck of a lot better, than I can)

The five-member Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to approve regulation designed to prevent content discrimination by Internet service providers. The network neutrality rules will prohibit providers from impeding the flow of legal and reasonable bandwidth use or favoring their own content with preferential placement along the information superhighway.

The rules do not, however, prevent Internet providers from creating tiered speed service or charging customers based on their bandwidth use. The regulation will take effect immediately after it is entered into the Federal Register, which is be expected to be sometime next week or early next year.


If you over-regulate on business, they fight back. They seldom care about the consumer, only the bottom line. I don’t understand, were these guys bored or something? Did they feel the need to do something this big to remain relevant? Who knows?

Unnecessary drama when we need it the least.

I probably should have lead with the good news first, I’ll remember that for tomorrow..Have a great day!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Passes, Charlie Crist wants to be a TV pundit, and PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year Revealed

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I enjoy these days leading up to Christmas. The traffic is lighter, people are generally in a better mood, and despite my land lady’s best efforts, I have been able to keep my place fairly warm. I haven’t been posting as often as I would like to. I’ve been busy finding media coverage for my clients during the PR friendly holiday season, but I’ve got some good commentary for you all today.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Passes:I’ve got a lot of military experience and I can tell you that only in the most undisciplined, crudest operations under poor leadership does sexual orientation become a problem. Serving this country was one of the greatest honors of my life and I know that everyone should be given that opportunity.Our country got stronger on Saturday and now, especially during these uncertain times do we need volunteers to step up and serve with no restrictions.

Governor Charlie Crist, the pundit? Governor Crist mentioned that on the Facing Florida Television Program that he’d like to be a pundit on MSNBC or CNN. He mentioned that “Its a fun business” that we’re in. I think the Governor would be a blast to watch on TV, as long as its just not another platform to move up the political ladder with.

PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year: Obama’s plan “A government takeover of Health Care: It’s funny but this was the one nominee that I didn’t care for at all. PolitiFact chose this because of comparisons with foreign health care plans which seize control of hospitals and nationalize doctors. They also cited lack of the public option, which would have competed with private insurers.

The pick was kind of a let down. No Taliban Dan? No “The Stimulus did not create one single job”?. I guess we got stuck with “The English Patient” of political fibs. Oh well…

Till Tomorrow!

Tax Cuts, S.T.A.R.T Treaty, Don’t ask Don’t Tell, and a Partridge and a Pear Tree..

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It turns out that lame ducks can multi-task very well.

I’m of course talking about all of the high drama on Capitol Hill this week regarding Congres’s Lame Duck session, as House and Senate Democrats try to move their agenda along as quickly as possible and try to get as much done, before the new wave of Republicans take over next year.

It’s an impressive list, let’s see. They want to derail the Bush Tax Cuts against the President’s wishes, ratify an arms treaty, and debate “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” as well as a whole mess of things in addition, all before the session ends next week.

I can best compare Congress trying to accomplish all of this complicated legislation before Christmas, as the logistical equivalent of Santa Claus delivering a gift to every single child on Earth in one night.

These conflict of ideas are the same conflicts that have been clogging up progress in Washington for decades, except for these kind of sessions, the beverage of choice is egg nog, instead of scotch.

These are important issues regardless of what side your on, or even if your in the middle. They must be resolved, its just unfortunate that there is such partisan pushing and shoving, that there turning it into a holiday circus. I blame Senate Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who are just finding ways to race against the clock to ram/barricade important policy.

I don’t think Santa Claus would be cool with it, these are after all the holidays. Good will to all men and such. We’ll see what happens, but when the next Congress gets sworn in, next year let’s hope they find ways to sprint towards a strong finish at the end of a session, instead of hobbling and stumbling, like a clumsy 3-legged race.

The tax cuts will let Santa keep more elves on payroll for next year..

Naples Daily News Article- Pay whatever it takes to get next to the Governor

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I’ve had the chance to speak with reporters from all over, since the elections have ended (its part of my work). Last week, I had the chance to speak with Rick Scott’s hometown newspaper.

From the Naples Daily News,

UPDATE: It was picked up by the Treasure/Palm Coast paper as well.

I threw some heat at the donors for this inauguration, because some of them were holding Alex Sink signs 45 days ago. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m happy that the leftovers will be going towards Operation Wounded Warrior and I want Governor-elect Scott to succeed and succeed quickly. We need to get people back to work.

I’m also hoping his communications team can return volley better than a one word E-mail.

NAPLES — The money is rolling in and some political experts say Florida should be prepared for an inauguration like one they may not have seen before.

Gov.-elect Rick Scott, a Naples businessman, had raised more than $1.15 million as of Dec. 6 for his Jan. 4 inauguration, according to recent contribution reports. That money will be used to pay for a variety of festivities – a youth concert on Jan. 3 and an inaugural ball on Jan. 4 – surrounding his inauguration.

“It’s a higher price than past inaugurations you saw,” said Frank Torres, an Orlando-based public affairs consultant.

Gov. Charlie Crist in 2004 shifted plans from a $2.4 million inauguration to more low-key events, after he was criticized for approving a plan to solicit donations of up to $500,000 for the celebration. Crist said in 2004 he instead planned to keep the costs below $1 million.

Crist also canceled his ball because “with the state of the economy he said it wouldn’t have been appropriate,” Torres said.

While the ball is back on for 2011, officials with the inauguration said it won’t be an entirely glitzy affair. Instead, Francis Rooney, former United States ambassador to the Vatican, told the Daily News in November the inauguration will be an inclusive and broad-based event.
The Honorable Francis Rooney and his wife Kathleen Rooney at their home in Port Royal in Naples on Nov. 17, 2010. The couple has been chosen to put on the inauguration for Rick Scott in Tallahassee.

The Honorable Francis Rooney and his wife Kathleen Rooney at their home in Port Royal in Naples on Nov. 17, 2010. The couple has been chosen to put on the inauguration for Rick Scott in Tallahassee. Greg Kahn/Staff

But an event of that scale comes at a cost, and Scott’s inauguration is on track to exceed the amount that Crist had intended to spend in 2004. While the Scott camp set a $25,000 contribution cap, the inauguration still has a bevy of big-name donors contributing to the festivities.

Thirty-seven contributors – including Rooney, who serves as chairman of the inaugural committee – each have contributed $25,000 to the event.

But Peter Bergerson, a political science professor at Florida Gulf Coast University in Estero, said Floridians shouldn’t expect to see too many individuals on the inaugural contribution list.

“Lots of companies and corporations (contribute), some that have direct association surrounding the inauguration themselves,” Bergerson said. “You’re going to have lots of different categories.”

Another popular category of donor, Bergerson said, is the one that is “contributing to have some degree of access to the governor.”

Bergerson said a business like U.S. Sugar Corp., which donated $25,000 to the inauguration, could fall into that category. A “contribution to Scott inaugural festivities gives them an entry to have their voice heard,” Bergerson said.

U.S. Sugar isn’t the only big contributor. Several health-care related companies — like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and Naples-based Health Management Associates — have donated $25,000.

But the health-care industry isn’t the only one contributing to the Scott inauguration. Several Florida corporations, such as Tampa-based energy company TECO; Florida Crystals Corp., a West Palm Beach-based sugar producer and the Florida Optometrists Association have contributed to the inauguration.

Those corporate contributions often are construed as a way to get close to the governor or other members of the executive branch.

“Scott campaigned that he wouldn’t be beholden to special interests,” Bergerson said. “So supporting inaugural festivities is a way … in which corporations that have business with the state have a way to present their side of the issue.”

More simply, Torres said, these corporate contributions are “political greasing of the wheels at its finest.”

“It is to buy support, and to look at it any other way is naive,” Torres said.

Officials with the Scott camp say that assertion is incorrect. When asked if contributors were donating because they were looking for an “in” with the governor or other members of the executive branch, Scott spokeswoman Bettina Inclan answered with an unequivocal “no.”

“My comment to your question on the contributions is ‘no,’” Inclan said in an e-mail.

The inaugural committee hasn’t set a fundraising goal, but Inclan said no public funds will be used for the dozen or so events surrounding the Jan. 4 inauguration. Any money left over once all the inaugural bills are paid, Inclan said, will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides programs for wounded service members from recent global conflicts.

The powers that be will pay whatever it takes to get close to him...

Five Funny Things for a Monday (Arctic Blast Edition)

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It’s pretty cold outside (for Florida, anyways). Here are Five Funny Things to get your Monday thawed.

1. Metrodome collapses under the weight of Brett Favre’s ego” That was one of the “Top Tweets” on Twitter yesterday. Now, if you haven’t seen this remarkable video yet, then take a look (video attached). I agree with the notion that it looks a lot like flour. The fabric of the roof tore and it just came pouring in. Now as a bitter Chicago Bears fan (whose team just took a beating yesterday), I can tell you, that Dome was an accident waiting to happen. It’s as old as Brett Favre and in just as bad of shape. Let’s get these guys somewhere new to play.

Florida Gators hire Will Muschamp: The Gators go from Urban Meyer, to Will Muskrat? Are you kidding? You could have had Bob Stoops, or any of the talented NFL assistants available, you could have approached and had a serious discussion with any legitimate coaching candidate and you bring back this guy?

Is he going to deliver in Gainesville?

He acts like a crazy wildman on the sidelines, Gator players have been getting in trouble on a regular basis up there, and your bringing in this dude to lead them. I’m being harsh, but hey if they win, I can write how wrong I was a year from now.

3. “I’m not a witch” quote of the year:Christine O’Donnell is back in the news. The library at Yale gave the former Delaware Senate candidate’s infamous video that, replied to allegations from her past concerning Witchcraft top honor’s as quote of the year. This video was one of the worst replies to a political attack, that I’ve ever seen and got spoofed everywhere, but hey O’Donnell will still be a fixture on the talk circuit and rake in the money.

I'm not a witch- was the quote of the year

4. Miley Cyrus’ new “Hobby”: Miley Cyrus was being videotaped taking bong hits at a party in her Los Angeles home. Ugh, what a PR mess. Sources say that it was not Marijuana, but do you believe that the parents who buy, her merchandise for their kids, actually care? This is a crisis communications scenario for a publicist and I can certainly tell you, that she’ll get an earful from “her people” and she will shrug and keep on , keeping on. Take my advice, you want an abbreviated career in entertainment, take Miley’s lead on this one.

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink among worst candidates on MSNBC:Come on, MSNBC!? Wow, we really know how to turn them out in Florida, don’t we? Worst candidates in the country? I believe its more along the lines of the candidates they didn’t like. Here is the presentation

So yeah, it was a bitter Funny Five this week. This blends in well with the freezing temperatures we’re going to be experiencing this week. See you tomorrow.

Reviewing PolitiFacts “Lies of the year”

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TGIF everyone, and can you believe only two weeks before Christmas? I’ve gotten very little shopping done and I gotta tell you, I hate giving people cash as a gift. I’ve got siblings that tell me they want money for Christmas, “No, if I give you cash, I feel like I’m paying a bill” I reply. Santa Claus does not slide down the chimney, look at the base of the Christmas tree and throw down a few dollars, like his tipping a waitress at the Chilis! Make a list of stuff that you would like to receive. Here we got with the last post of the week.

Reviewing PolitiFact’s lies of the year:The fact checkers from St. Petersburg’s Politifacts have had a banner year, getting tons of media coverage and putting dents in the accusations thrown at each other from our law makers. They have published their nominees for lies of the year. Lets have a look.

“The president of the United States will be taking a trip over to India that is expected to cost the taxpayers $200 million a day.” — Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.-

My Take: You know, people in Bachmann’s position seldom choose statements like these. She must have been fed the info from someone on her staff, who took it from the “Blogosphere”, who in turn took that number from an anonymous source in India. Guys, blogs are fun but are normally, not good for research, when speaking to the media you gotta pull the numbers from dependable sources and dress them with your opinion. That’s analysis folks. Bachmann forgot that.

ObamaCare is a “government takeover” of health care. — Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio; Rep. C.W. Bill Young, R-Fla.; the Republican Party of Florida; Wisconsin Lt. Gov.-elect Rebecca Kleefisch; and others

My take: I’m not crazy about Obama’s healthcare plan. I’ll stand by party leadership on this one.

He needs to ease up on the tears, but I'll be looking forward to his leadership in the house

“Taliban Dan” Webster thinks wives should submit to their husbands. — Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla.

My Take: Ah, home cooking straight from the Lynx building (Grayson’s Office). My coverage of one of the biggest political follies of the year has been extensive. Posts like this one or this one were nothing compared to the beating Alan Grayson took in the media, and eventually the polls. You can’t get overzealous with your video editing and try to fly it by the voters.

“The stimulus has not created one private sector job.” — Gov.-elect Rick Scott, R-Fla.

My take: C’mon Guv! It’s in the past and Florida is open for business, but still…

“Ninety-four percent of small businesses will face higher taxes under the Democrats’ plan.” — Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, and others

My take: There is a certain amount of spin to this statement. Doing nothing would have indeed raised taxes on every business because of the end of the Bush Era Tax Cuts. The Democrat’s plan to extend them only for the Sub 250 crowd, would drop that number substantially. This then leads to a the argument that is currently raging in Washington, which is another blog post entirely.

The Representative from Texas Randy Negebauer

“Phoenix is the No. 2 kidnapping capital of the world.” — Rep. John McCain, R-Ariz.,

My Take:This isn’t the BCS, I know statistics are powerful speech, but everyone knows how big kidnappings are in South America.

The ethics report “exonerates me.” — Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y.

My Take: Please….

Republicans want to dismantle or privatize Social Security. — Florida Democratic Party and other Democratic candidates

My Take: Look at the source. They can’t even pay there own employees! I suppose that is kind of ironic though, with their financial policies and all. I don’t like partisan shots, but this warrants it.

There are some doozies in there. Some of them make you laugh and others just tick you off. It will be interesting to see who wins.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Urban Meyer resigns from the University of Florida … again.

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If you’ve stumbled across this blog, your eyes aren’t deceiving you this is a political blog and I’m writing about college football.

In Florida, football is about as political as it gets, especially Florida Gator football, where every decision is second guessed and every play scrutinized by a sea of blue and orange fans.

Kinda like politics, but with cheerleaders and marching band.

On Wednesday, Florida Gators Head Coach Urban Meyer resigned for the second time in as many years. He cited “wanting to spend time with his family” as the main reason. This is actually coach speak for “I’m tired of working here, and I’m gonna look for another gig that will pay me more”.

It took Urban, 15 minutes to out trend John Lennon on the 30th anniversary of his death, on Twitter yesterday.

This is nothing new, I wrote about his resignation last year and believed that he was going to take a head coaching position in the NFL. In retrospect, he should have taken my advice, the Gators just couldn’t put anything together this year and are a non-factor in the BCS for the first time in a while.

What’s next for the Gators? Probably former offensive coordinator and current Mississippi Head Coach Dan Mullin. Yawn. If it’s Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, then Gator fans be warned, he ditched the Atlanta Falcons mid-season to go and coach the Razorbacks, after he couldn’t win in the ATL.

Urban Meyer will coach again. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were on an NFL sideline next year. Current coaching vacancies that currently have interim coaches or “lame duck” coaches (you like that? I can still make it political) include the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills (maybe), and Houston Texans.

If he still feels the need to be on a college campus and is actually going to take a year off, he can wait for Joe Paterno to retire at Penn State or possibly an opening in Michigan or Notre Dame (We’ll take him) after those coaches inevitably falter.

Then, as always there are the Denver Broncos with former Gators QB Tim Tebow, they can’t afford a big name NFL coach. Experts predict it’s not going to happen but you know….

I’m just sayin’

The good ole days....