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Rick Scott goes to Washington. Bill Nelson “Obama administration is not helping (NASA)”

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2010 at 4:54 pm

It’s Thursday and with the temperature dropping here in Central Florida, our lawmakers are up north and trying to keep their tempers under control.

Governor-elect Rick Scott in the nation’s capitol: Our next governor was in Washington D.C earlier this week meeting with members from Florida’s congressional delegation and of course one of them decided to provoke an arguement and that representative was…..

Debbie Wassermann-Schultz from South Florida, Wow! By looking at this photo you wouldn't think she would be hard to work with

Wassermann-Schultz decided to tell Rick Scott that repealing health care didn’t make any sense, to which Scott basically replied…

1. You’re not the boss of me
2. I ran a very conservative, anti-Obama campaign and the voters let me know loud and clear that health care repeal was what they wanted.
3. Health care was “The biggest job killer ever in the history of the country”

Okay, so he only said 3 but, the first two points were very obvious from the reports I’m seeing. Rep. Jeff Miller from Pensacola’s district later told him to spend as much time as possible, trying to repeal health care and laughter from the Republican majority filled the room. “Let’s all point at Debbie and laugh”…No that didn’t happen either but seriously, rather than bring it up, in what was suppose to be a meeting to unite congressional leaders from the state, why not take it up with the Governor in another venue, like an event in your home district?

Is anyone fighting harder for NASA, than Senator Bill Nelson?:It seems like that’s the only voice that hasn’t given up on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone in Washington really cares.

Washington wants to cut funds from Kennedy Space Center next year and says it will roll it back to 2012 and if you believe that, then bless your heart, go see your doctor and ask for the “reality check” and let me know how it goes. No one outside of Florida, Alabama, and Houston is going to go to bat for NASA and we stand to lose the most from it.

Actually, we’ve already lost most it.

Things aren't what they used to be Senator

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

  1. Good to see Scott got the message from Floridians, now lets hope he acts on it after he takes office.

    I recall Bill Posey fought pretty hard for NASA, has he stopped?

  2. Posey was fighting pretty hard earlier this year, but was busy campaigning for re-election. We’ll see if he reappears in the future.

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