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Five Funny Things for a Monday (Arctic Blast Edition)

In Uncategorized on December 13, 2010 at 5:35 pm

It’s pretty cold outside (for Florida, anyways). Here are Five Funny Things to get your Monday thawed.

1. Metrodome collapses under the weight of Brett Favre’s ego” That was one of the “Top Tweets” on Twitter yesterday. Now, if you haven’t seen this remarkable video yet, then take a look (video attached). I agree with the notion that it looks a lot like flour. The fabric of the roof tore and it just came pouring in. Now as a bitter Chicago Bears fan (whose team just took a beating yesterday), I can tell you, that Dome was an accident waiting to happen. It’s as old as Brett Favre and in just as bad of shape. Let’s get these guys somewhere new to play.

Florida Gators hire Will Muschamp: The Gators go from Urban Meyer, to Will Muskrat? Are you kidding? You could have had Bob Stoops, or any of the talented NFL assistants available, you could have approached and had a serious discussion with any legitimate coaching candidate and you bring back this guy?

Is he going to deliver in Gainesville?

He acts like a crazy wildman on the sidelines, Gator players have been getting in trouble on a regular basis up there, and your bringing in this dude to lead them. I’m being harsh, but hey if they win, I can write how wrong I was a year from now.

3. “I’m not a witch” quote of the year:Christine O’Donnell is back in the news. The library at Yale gave the former Delaware Senate candidate’s infamous video that, replied to allegations from her past concerning Witchcraft top honor’s as quote of the year. This video was one of the worst replies to a political attack, that I’ve ever seen and got spoofed everywhere, but hey O’Donnell will still be a fixture on the talk circuit and rake in the money.

I'm not a witch- was the quote of the year

4. Miley Cyrus’ new “Hobby”: Miley Cyrus was being videotaped taking bong hits at a party in her Los Angeles home. Ugh, what a PR mess. Sources say that it was not Marijuana, but do you believe that the parents who buy, her merchandise for their kids, actually care? This is a crisis communications scenario for a publicist and I can certainly tell you, that she’ll get an earful from “her people” and she will shrug and keep on , keeping on. Take my advice, you want an abbreviated career in entertainment, take Miley’s lead on this one.

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink among worst candidates on MSNBC:Come on, MSNBC!? Wow, we really know how to turn them out in Florida, don’t we? Worst candidates in the country? I believe its more along the lines of the candidates they didn’t like. Here is the presentation

So yeah, it was a bitter Funny Five this week. This blends in well with the freezing temperatures we’re going to be experiencing this week. See you tomorrow.

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