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Florida gains two Congressional Seats and the FCC regulates internet providers.

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Forget the Magic makeover, I’ll give you some acquisitions that Central Florida can get exited about, way better than Hedo Turkoglu, and Gilbert “I take the 2nd amendment way too seriously” Arenas. No, instead of a Small Forward who is past his prime and Guard who thinks this is the wild west, we’re going to get something that is a lot more useful.

Two more Congressional Seats in Washington and two more votes in the electoral college.

Florida is being called one of the biggest winners, when the Census data was released on Tuesday and the biggest losers? (Not talking about the NBC TV show kind either) New York and Ohio…

Hey at least you guys still have the Yankees and Lebro…..oh wait Ohio, Florida took that too…You guys have the Bengals!

Hey Ohio at least you guys still have Chad OchoCinco

This is great, I was only anticipating one seat but two seats is something to get exited about. This is two more elected officials fighting for the issues that Floridians care about. I’m talking about economic recovery with tourism friendly legislation, another couple of votes in favor of any NASA saving initiatives that might come up, and environmental policy that would preserve the Everglades.

This also means more fly-ins from the Political “Big Dogs” in 2012 to try and win Florida which, after yesterday has to be the biggest political battleground in the country. More Palin, Clintons, Huckabee’s, and Michelle Obama’s. Both parties must try to win our votes at any cost.

It’s a good day to be a voter in Florida.

Hide your internet! Here comes the FCC: I monitor Traditional and Social media all of the time, it’s part of what I do and it’s a must in my business. Know everything and at all times. People love to complain on the internet, from the moody people they work with, to the price of the gas.

One thing, I never hear them complaining about is the Internet. Enter the FCC.

Taken from The Whittier Daily News (because they can explain it a heck of a lot better, than I can)

The five-member Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to approve regulation designed to prevent content discrimination by Internet service providers. The network neutrality rules will prohibit providers from impeding the flow of legal and reasonable bandwidth use or favoring their own content with preferential placement along the information superhighway.

The rules do not, however, prevent Internet providers from creating tiered speed service or charging customers based on their bandwidth use. The regulation will take effect immediately after it is entered into the Federal Register, which is be expected to be sometime next week or early next year.


If you over-regulate on business, they fight back. They seldom care about the consumer, only the bottom line. I don’t understand, were these guys bored or something? Did they feel the need to do something this big to remain relevant? Who knows?

Unnecessary drama when we need it the least.

I probably should have lead with the good news first, I’ll remember that for tomorrow..Have a great day!

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