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A New Attitude in Washington? We’ll see…

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2011 at 4:23 pm

It’s good to be back. I’ve had the chance to work on some really great projects over the last couple of days and finally have some time to put together a post.

Well last week brought up an emotional memorial service for the victims of the tragic shootings in Tuscon, Sarah Palin’s communications team setting her up for failure and a promise for a new start in Washington. I’ll hit up each of these topics in order.

President Obama’s Tuscon Memorial Speech:I thought it was terrific. The President has never had a problem holding a room, he’s a great speaker. I think the key issue involved with the critics of his speech was the cheers from the crowd at a memorial. Yeah, it was odd, but events like those take on the personality of the crowd and the energy they give out. Obama could have selected a more somber message, but the country needed strength from it’s leader, and that’s what they got.

The crowd reaction was uncomfortable, but the President's speech was on point

Palin’s people let her down:The public often has to be reminded that politicians and celebrities seldom write their own stuff. They depend on communication and public relations professionals to write speeches for them. Rule #1 when writing speeches and statements if you don’t know what something means, then don’t use it!Wow! what a goof. Now, a lot of my colleagues were buzzing on the web that the speech was indeed the right call. If she wants to be President, then she needs to act like one. The Video addressing the cross-hairs on Representative Gabrielle Gifford’s districts was necessary. We all know those cross-hairs had nothing to do with the violence of a mentally deranged killer. That being said, what a clumsy and ridiculous error by Sarah Palin’s team.

Sarah Palin needs to fire her team, hire a new team and the first order of business by her new team is a press release on how she fired the old team.

Palin's team let her down on what could have been an effective message

A word of caution to all of you public speakers. A combination of sharp and violent words are often very potent to keeping your audience interested, just make sure you Google that combination first.

A New Attitude in Washington: The terrible shooting in Tuscon has some, on both sides of the aisle promising a new era of communicating in Washington.

That and a Chicago Cubs World Series Championship. (they haven’t won one in 103 years)

This is very encouraging, but with debates and votes over repealing health care, it doesn’t inspire much confidence. Some of the members of Congress are just hard-wired to dislike the opposite of party. They can’t control their negative attitudes towards their political opposites anymore than they can control breathing or swallowing.

I’m one of the biggest fans of bi-partisanship, I find that our country is at it’s strongest when we put people first and I want to believe our lawmakers, I really do. We are going to have to do more to make it permanent, then just sit together during the State of the Union address.

Don’t just tell us, show us….

Have a great week guys…

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