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Rick Scott vs. The Media: Reloaded

In Uncategorized on February 3, 2011 at 4:27 pm

Just because I’m in the lab, doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping up with all things political here in Florida and there are certain triggers that can be distractions. Things that I’m compelled to write about because I’ve got the expertise or because I feel I have something to contribute the conversation. There are subjects that I just feel strongly about and I just can’t wait to hit publish on this thing.

– When Senator Rubio goes to Afghanistan and does a great job documenting his visit.

– When “the powers that be” want Mayor Jacobs to fold on a promise to build the performing arts center, when we don’t have any money.

– When they finally decide to make the dog-gone Alafaya Trail wider on the approach to Avalon Park.

There was one article yesterday in the Orlando Sentinel political blog, regarding one of my favorite topics, one that I have been talking about for almost a year now and one that I have the solution to.

How does the media deal with a multi-millionaire Governor that doesn’t want anything to do with them?

I tested the waters with the Scott administration before the inauguration. I interviewed with the Naples Daily News (Scott’s hometown newspaper) and questioned the very purpose for holding such a lavish celebration during hard times. “It is to buy support, and to look at it any other way is naive,” I said. I basically walked right on to the pages of Scott’s hometown newspaper and “tried” him.

His team’s response “no”.

No fancy rebuttal with statistics or rhetoric about the occasion. Just a one word reply. It was a reply through E-mail at that.

So, here we are. What is the media suppose to do for the next four year’s when the Governor puts up the velvet rope in Tallahassee and all you can do is fish quotes out of Twitter townhalls?

Two of my senior colleagues Dick Batchelor and Lou Frey (both first class guys, that I’ve shared segments with) were both on WMFE Intersection and suggested a course of action that I disagree with. Take the questions to other members of the cabinet with higher political aspirations. Is that really the way to go?

You’re going to ask the Commissioner of Agriculture about Rick Scott’s plan for education?

You’re going to ask the Attorney General Pam Bondi about the Governor’s plan for bringing businesses (and jobs) to Florida?

I don’t believe that playing telephone with economic policy is the way to go. I’ve got a better plan and it’s going to be a lot easier and effective than asking the CFO what the Governor thinks about the everglades.

49% and 35%

The percentage of the vote that he took on election day and his current approval rating. People forget in this whole mess that half the state didn’t vote for him. It’s tough but it will only be a matter of time until the Governor has to start playing ball with the media to properly communicate his message. Heck, I do media monitoring everyday and he is consistently getting slammed by every paper and television outlet in the state. It might be that the real solution to a media shy Governor is time. So, put up with the vague releases and social media smoke screen for a while longer, it will eventually disappear.

Unless, he does what he says he can do, then you guys will just have to deal.

Time is the only solution that will get the velvet rope in Tally removed

I’m also still working on a big project and I think it’s gonna turn out pretty well. I will write again next week.

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