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Rick Scott unveils his Budget

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Eustis Florida- Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott rolled out a budget that surprised even the most fiscally conservative here in Florida. In front of a large Tea Party audience, Scott proposed a budget that would knock 4.6 billion dollars off the books in Florida. This would be used to lower taxes for business and lure them to the Sunshine State, and hence create private sector jobs.

A state economy is a lot like an athlete in training. There are two pieces to the puzzle, dieting and exercising. You’ve gotta have both to really be fit and healthy. The economical equivalents are careful spending (dieting) and job growth (exercising).

Governor Scott just took us off the Golden Corral plan and put us on the Natalie Portman “Black Swan” diet.

Okay, so who are the losers? That would be government workers and teachers. These cuts result in the elimination of positions in state agencies and teachers (who can’t seem to stick up for themselves), cops and firefighters having to pony up pay, for their retirements.

If this crash diet of a budget flies, it will be time to do some exercising. Can Rick Scott bring business to Florida and start putting people to work? That is the scary thing. The media hates Governor Scott and you can’t find favorable coverage of this budget almost anywhere, but I brought it up once and I’ll do it again.

What if it works.

Can we shrink state government this fast and still serve the people as well? Can those effected by cuts at the state level rebound with jobs in the private sector?

Can Florida live and function off of a grapefruit and poached egg or are we just going to starve ourselves into misery?

Scott's budget is scary, but can it work?

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