Frank Torres, Orlando Freelance Reporter

President Obama releases Controversial Budget

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2011 at 3:48 pm

While, I am a big fan of Bi-partisanship and working with both sides to build a better American, I do often neglect the cons of trying to please everyone.

Sometimes, you just end up ticking both sides off..

As was the case on Monday when the President released his budget. That will “force the government to live within it’s means, while investing in the future”.

That should be a crowd-pleaser, shouldn’t it? Not necessarily.

Republicans on the hill saying “You didn’t cut enough!”

Democrats on the hill saying “I can’t believe you cut that!”

It’s not easy trying to manage 3.73 trillion dollars, but the Obama administration manage to make both sides angry while trying. This isn’t suppose to happen, right? Everyone is suppose to find something in the budget that they like and instead there both teeing off on the things they believe are wrong.

Too much spending clean energy and transportation.

Too much cutting on programs that protect the homeless and food safety.

No word of dealing with the dangerous big three of the U.S federal budget. 1. Defense 2. Social Security 3. Medicare. Subjects that carry so much political liability that any President that wants another term would be wise to avoid, even thought they’re the root of the problem.

Now, Obama will attempt to go on offense and once again take the podium to make his case to the American people that this will be the 15% of the budget that will heal this economy.

It’s not easy trying to please everyone, unfortunately it’s all to easy too make everyone angry.

There is not an answer everyone will like when it comes to the budget.

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