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Dueling Rail Protests, Flip-Flopping Lawmakers and Saggy Pants Passes Comittee

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2011 at 4:04 pm

Almost a week later, Rail still dominates Florida politics.

I was taking my run around Lake Eola last night and it was a lot more exiting than usual. Cops, Media, and a Tea Party Rally. The Cops were looking for an attacker in the area and pulling security for the rally, the media was covering the attacker search and the rally, and the Tea Party? They were looking for Senator Nelson. It was a lot more entertaining than slaloming between the hipsters, and yuppies on a normal run downtown.

The Governors Saving America rally last night was another successful event, that got some decent “pub” by the local Tea Party Movement, which has demonstrated resilience that didn’t end last November and supporting Governor Scott’s anti-rail position which appears to be picking up speed (more on that later).

When I finished my run last night, I jumped on the net and spotted a Facebook event notice for a pro-rail rally on the 23rd at a yet to be determined location downtown. Well, this is interesting.

The normally one-sided grassroots initiatives might get a little more competitive, even though I’m very aware it’s easier to “like” something on Facebook, then take the time to make it successful. Also, the media might be a little more hesitant to cover their rally, after last night’s event. They might be protested out.

Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos flip on rail…

Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopolos have always been very “rail-friendly” lawmakers, which makes their decision to back up Governor Scott’s decision to turn down funding a little puzzling at least on Cannon’s part.

Haridopolos is running for Senate in 2012, and it makes sense for him to take an opposite position of Pro-Rail Democrat, and incumbent Bill Nelson. If he didn’t flip it could bite him if he draws a strong conservative primary challenger.

Cannon is a little more puzzling. You could say that he is just promoting solidarity with Haridopolos and the Governor and hoping that Scott will soften on Sunrail, but I’m not buying the broad excuse of turning down the money because of potential for risk on the taxpayers. The risk has been there for months and he didn’t just wake up one morning, to start thinking that way. We’ll assume my first theory is correct.

Droopy Drawers passes Sub-Committee: Thank you, State Senator Gary Siplin. With all of the effort you’ve put into making sure guys pull they’re pants up (6th or 7th try), you could have worked pushing innovative ideas on the budget or education in committee.

Just pass the thing already, so we can move on

That’s it for today guys, take care.

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