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Orlando Sentinel Reporter confined to storage room, during Biden visit.

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm

I spend a lot of time communicating with reporters and I certainly don’t envy them.

Long hours.

Criss-crossing the country looking for work.

Constantly being ridiculed on their writing, speech, and appearance.

and in this one particular example, getting thrown into a closet like an adolescent Harry Potter, by his evil aunt and uncle.

Last week, during a visit by Vice-President Joe Biden at a fundraiser for Senator Bill Nelson, Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was escorted into “a room used for storage”, while serving as a pool reporter for the VP’s visit. This was done to prevent him from mingling with the other people at the party, because let’s face it, when your dropping $500 bucks for an overcooked chicken breast and a canned fundraising speech, you don’t want your friends to find out.

When he was escorted into “the room used for storage”. They set up a small folding table, offered him food and water and left him inside with the door closed.

The only thing missing was a one way mirror.

There was a staffer waiting on the other side of the door and kept telling the Sentinel reporter he couldn’t come out yet. I’ve met staffers like these and they make you want to give them the Heisman and stiff arm them out of your way, but I suppose the secret service would have frowned on that.

They let him out for the speeches, back into the closet for until Biden left (You kidding me!!!), then out to his car.

Apologies from everyone were eventually issued, Powers handled the whole ordeal with a remarkable amount of class. His write-up can be found here.

Biden’s speech? I don’t know, something about, if Senator Nelson doesn’t get re-elected, then neither would President Obama.

Biden’s press secretary apologized and said the room selected was a mix-up and it wouldn’t happen again (next time, they’ll throw Scott in a guest bedroom). Alan “Uncle Dursley” Ginsberg was also very upset about it and he should be. This is one of the biggest political PR goofs of the year.

What a mess and people think Florida Governor Rick Scott’s red velvet rope is a nuisance. Don’t let him catch word of this.

He’ll have Tallahassee looking like Azkaban.

Powers' accomodations, photo taken by his phone. It's still bigger than my apartment.

Potter's closet.

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