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Democrats on the offensive in Central Florida this week.

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Daniel Webster, Allen West, Sandy Adams, they’re all conservative elected members of the House of Representatives and this week, they’ve all been under attack at their town halls and listening sessions.

Liberals attending their elected representatives forums, and disrupting presentations concerning the current Paul Ryan budget being debated in Washington. An organized group will stand up minutes into the town hall or meeting and start screaming at their lawmakers. On several occasions the police have had to intervene and even arrests one of the out of control activists.

The first news making conflict in the blitzkrieg like initiative was an ambush during, the last stop on a tour of town halls for D-8 Rep. Dan Webster. Planted activists in the audience began to shout down at the congressman just minutes after he started. Webster supporters in attendance started shouting back and before you knew it police had to get involved and tell everyone to act like adults.

The next day, down in South Florida, it was Allen West that had to deal with out of control activists planted in his audience determined, on derailing the town hall. “It’s a town hall” the woman kept shouting throughout the presentation. She was finally arrested.

That same day, later in the evening during a listening session Sandy Adams had to deal with another outburst during the speaking portion of her event. There are currently plans from liberal groups to ambush her next listening session, scheduled this weekend.

In a more creative (and peaceful) protests. Activists dressed up as zombies and once again went after Daniel Webster, this time outside of his district office in Winter Garden, Fl. Protesters held up “Don’t work us till we die” signs.

Obviously, if you’re one of my liberal readers, you’ve got to be completely psyched at all of this activity, but my concerns are how close some of events have come to violence.

One guy shouts, another guy shouts back, one takes a step closer and sticks a finger in the other guy’s face. A shove here, a thrown punch there and we’ve got a riot on our hands. A terrible tragedy considering we’re all on the same side.

This of course, is nothing new. The Tea Party ran a successful campaign of protests outside of lawmakers supporting Barack Obama’s health care plan, and a lot of those guys aren’t in office anymore. My concerns are preventing violence and keeping a rational discussion in play.

Is that too much to ask?

Rep. Randolph threatens fellow Democrat during abortion debate. Throws her pen in garbage.

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Scott Randolph, you so crazy….

It was reported by the Miami Herald yesterday that, Orlando state representative Scott Randolph was involved in more political drama when, he threatened a fellow Democrat and threw her pen in the garbage.

Rep. Daphne Campbell- Miami, had crossed the aisle on an abortion bill and according to reports, Randolph went ballistic.

“You are a traitor,” Randolph reportedly said. “I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.”

They started flinging papers at each other, and he threw her pen in the trash. Minority leader Ron Saunders dug the pen out and gave it back to Rep Campbell.

It was later reported by the Herald, that Randolph wanted some props for his actions.

“I should be commended, by the way,” he said. “She has done nothing but annoy and estrange people.”

While once again, you can understand Scott Randolph’s personal connection and passion on abortion issues, he continues to sabotage his own efforts.

A few days back he went on national television with his campaign, a couple of days later Politifact calls some of the claims made during his appearance on the Rachel Maddow show, false.

At this point, I kinda feel bad for the guy. When is he going to learn, that when you’re working against such a large majority, you need all the allies you can get? Randolph would be wise to smooth things over with his fellow Democrat.

I’m going to mail Rep. Campbell a new pen.

Don't worry Ms. Campbell. I'm going to mail you a new pen to replace the one my rep. threw in the trash

White House releases President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

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Well, here you go.

President Barack Obama's birth certificate. Now, can we get back to the real issues?

Today, the White House released President Obama’s long form birth certificate verifying what everyone already knows. He was born in this country.

Of course the biggest birther of them all, Donald Trump was quick to accept credit for this “stunning revelation”, in an attempt to spin one of the silliest political tactics of the election cycle. This ploy will doubt send the ratings for The Apprentice soaring, as he plans to announce his presidential intentions on the show’s season finale.

I’m guessing, he won’t run and it will be brilliant marketing, through ridiculous means.

Now, can we get back to more pressing matters like, the massive deficit and unemployment problem this country is facing. Seriously.

The Unfortunate Dan Webster Town Hall

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C’mon guys, we’re better than this. Have a look.

After I was done watching this, I was worried and I was worried for everybody.

Democrats and Republicans, from all walks of life. All Americans.

When you can’t let your elected representative get through one minute of his presentation before disrupting him. When you start getting in the face of your fellow countrymen, when you walk into a forum and have decided what your opinion of the info given is going to be, before the first word is ever spoken.

That’s how we get weaker.

Alright, I understand. You don’t like the policies, you are a Democrat and you feel the way Republicans felt this time two years ago. You see, it was Alan Grayson time back in 09′ and he didn’t even let his naysayers in the building.

Dan Webster let his critics in, and it turned into a circus, a reason to cater your audience to your message and when that happens, groups feel left out.

When visiting Alan Grayson (Webster’s Liberal predecessor) events. I stayed quiet even though, I disagreed with his policies and you know what I did? I voted for the other candidate.

That’s how it’s done. If you don’t like what your representative is doing you vote him/her out. You don’t try to incite a riot at a townhall, where the majority in attendance voted for the guy.

You want to know who the wisest guy in that building today was? It was the police officer, who said we all needed to start acting like adults.

He was right. They have QA’s for a reason, that is the time you’re suppose to speak. That’s the organized forum, that changes minds and votes.

It was unfortunate…no it was a tragedy. Central Florida looked bad today.

So, what are we going to do to change it?

Audio: George Lemieux Blogger Phone Conference

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Hi Guys!

This morning, there was a blogger phone conference with former U.S Senator and current candidate George Lemieux. Lemieux has been pretty active over the last week, launching his Fedbook attack ad on Bill Nelson and now addressing the biggest group of jerks on the internet.

Politcal bloggers like myself.

Now, you could just read about it and you might think it’s fine but hey, wouldn’t you rather be there with me? Take a listen, the earliest version of a candidate’s message rarely survives an entire election cycle.

Part I

Part II , if not click here)

If you’d just like the zingers, I’ve wrote them out for you.

– I think my experience for fighting for these issues during my 16 months and filing legislation.- On what sets him above the rest

I have never supported an earmark.

– I never voted for a tax increase, I have a record for bringing forth solutions and not being a problem.

– If we’re going to save America it’s going to have to be Republicans and Democrats working together.- You guys know I love this stuff but, saying it to a dozen people and saying it to 2000 at a Tea Party are two different things.

– He’s gonna carry the coffin huh? (Obama’s role in the demise of the shuttle program)

– You’re going to have to change the President (on how to revive NASA)

– Bill always likes to champion the space program, but he watched it’s demise.

Look at our records, rhetoric is one thing but talk is cheap, put my record during my time in the Senate against Mike and Adam’s record in Tallahassee.

– If they win they won’t be able to do what I can do and that’s be at the (negotiating) table on the first day.

So, there you go.

It’s very early and there is a lot to like and and not like in Lemieux’s platform. He’s very capable and willing to slug it out, we’ll see if he’s the last one standing, in what is shaping up to be a pretty brutal (and fun?) primary.

Florida Lawmakers would be wise to be “out front” on Safe Flying.

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Rising fuel costs….
Invasive pat-downs during security screenings…
Through the roof charges, for an additional bag…
Flight attendants that rap safety rules…..

and, now after a streak of air traffic controllers falling asleep at the monitor, and kamikaze birds flying suicide missions into jet engines, a scary trend is developing that might cause some to think twice before they fly.

To a state that relies on the international tourism, this is cause for concern.

We are just now, starting to see business return to the west coast after the biggest environmental disaster in the history of our country and now we have to deal with this non-sense. It’s time for our leaders to step up and start calling for more thorough safety measures. If the first lady isn’t safe flying, then what is a tourist from the U.K, bringing his family (and money) to visit the mouse suppose to think. Let’s pick up the phone and make somethings happen, guys.

John Mica, call your boy, transportation secretary Ray Lahood and ask him what the heck is going on. You don’t have to wait for a rail issue to get him down here. You’re the Chairman on the Transportation committee, for crying out loud.

Governor Rick Scott, needs to speak out on this problem. His state is facing an unnecessary hurdle, in it’s economic recovery. You can wave off rail if you’d like, but our existing transportation infrastructure needs to remain effective.

These planes have to fly safety, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got to have ample air traffic control staff on hand to keep each other company and prevent anyone from falling to sleep. Birds? That’s a little tougher. I would like to believe that our aircraft engineers can construct a plane, tough enough to withstand the fury of a various fowl.

This is one of those dumb problems, that are particularly frustrating because it can be avoided. Let’s go government! Let’s resolve this ridiculous issue, that effects not only our lives in the air but, our livelihood on the ground.

Dyer/DPAC Leadership Out of Touch

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Yeah it’s another DPAC post.

There was more drama yesterday concerning the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, when OC Mayor Teresa Jacob’s turned down Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s plan for funding DPAC.

The creative math involved with coming up with the extra dough, was suppose to be through re-routing tourist taxes; the Orlando Sentinel reported. Basically, it was put DPAC at the front of the line when receiving the money from the tax and take your chances with the economy when you’ve got to keep the lights on, in one of the most successful convention centers in the world.

It could best be compared with your wealthy friends asking you to drop everything and take a cruise around the world, when the fridge is empty and the mailbox is full of bills.

Things are starting to clear up a little. The reason that the DPAC backers and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer are shrugging at Jacob’s reservations about moving forward is, because they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on a budget.

We’re talking about a culture that donates a million dollars, like most of us buy a box of girl scout cookies. They’re out of touch and they want the county to take trips we can’t afford, and can’t understand why.

After all, when we’re laying off deputies and cutting back on job creating initiatives, they’ll be going to the symphony.

WFTV published this report.

More lack of transparency, and more maybe’s and if’s.

“I’ve lost some of my confidence in DPAC” Jacobs says. Well, me too.

Mayor Dyer? Out of town (again) and apparently out to lunch.

“If this were my project, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” Jacobs added.

I believe her. Like most of us she’s got a checkbook to balance and if DPAC wants to take some chances, she is not going to make us pay for them.

Lemieux Fedbook Attack Ad on Bill Nelson

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Welcome Back Florida political attack ads!

U.S Senate canidate George Lemieux recently launched this internet attack ad on long time Senator Bill Nelson.

As you’ll recall Lemieux was former Florida Governor and Indy Senate candidate Charlie Crist’s choice to replaced Senator Mel Martinez after he resigned. He faces an uphill climb in the GOP primary against Senate President Mike Haridopolos and current “it” candidate, former state rep Adam Hasner, who has been the early choice of almost every conservative I’ve spoken to.

“Livin La Vida Loca”

“I’ve got my mind on your money and your money on my mind!”

The profile pics of President Obama and VP Biden are funny and it’s a cute ad, if you like cute political attack ads.

I rate this ad a tame “5” out of 10 Chihuahuas on the Awww Snap! Meter

Rallies and ads…it won’t be long until the real fun starts up again.

What would a Trump GOP nomination mean for Florida?

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The early seasons of the Apprentice were terrific, but you would never think Donald Trump was seriously considering a run at the White House. Sure, he’s flirted with the idea and it seems like we hear this every few years. It’s a funny idea so, Trump makes the rounds on the talk show circuit, says a few controversial things, and this go-around is no different.

“The Donald” has been riding high on his Birther message, never missing a chance to call out President Obama and the secrecy around his birth certificate. It’s been working, he’s actually found himself leading in a couple of the polls over the last few weeks. That might be enough for the billionaire to actually go through with it and make a run at the White House.

I don’t think he’ll run, I think Donald Trump is an “Amusement Park” politician who, is only running because it’s fun and in Trump’s case to keep the ratings on his aging television show up.

Let’s say the Donald does decide to run, and let’s say he catchphrases and hair plugs his way past the conservative favorites, like Romney, Huckabee, and Palin. It’s unlikely but what does this mean for Florida?

It means Florida turns blue in 2012, that’s what it means.

Do you actually believe that Donald Trump can survive three, hour long debates on national television with Obama? or that the birther message will fly high enough to get Americans distracted from the economy?

Sure, conservatives will rally around him, if only to beat Obama, but you can’t expect anyone on the left or middle to take this guy seriously. Trump does know that $3000 suits won’t fly at a townhall in middle America right?

I was asked about a Trump Presidential run a few months back on TV , and said that it would be a “Political Nightmare”. I didn’t think he would come this far, but here we are talking about it.

So, if Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, Obama takes Florida. Although, I don’t think the most important swing state in the country will matter.

Trump will have already lost all of the others……Unless, he picks Lil’ Jon as his running mate, then he’s got a shot.

What! Celeb Apprentice Contestant Lil' Jon would fit right in on a Trump ticket

DPAC Architect’s Ego could cost Orange County Millions

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There are very few professions that require more “Ego Fuel” than politics.

In case you didn’t know the formula for Ego Fuel is relatively simple. Money, exposure, and praise. We actually see it everyday on television, in print, and on the web. Ego Fuel is also used in the entertainment and legal fields, but it would appear that there might have been one area I overlooked.


In an article published by the Orlando Sentinel, it was reported that the architect who designed the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing arts had concerns over the cuts being made to cover the budget shortfall, needed to start construction.

Los Angeles (The Middle East of Ego Fuel) Architect Barton Myers who, was paid 11.9 million on the project (really?!) said “We cannot keep chopping away at this building … I cannot do a bad building,” and went on to say. “I don’t want to go out on something I’m embarrassed by.”

Well, welcome to Orlando Mr. Myers.

Times are tough, money is short and we still don’t even know if operating costs for DPAC are financially responsible. The banquet hall in question (4.4 million in savings), will probably require additional staff and therefore more money to operate. It can go, we don’t need it. If you want to have a banquet, go to the Citrus Club or one of the nearby hotels. We simply cannot afford to accommodate Mr. Barton’s ego and with that being said let me add this.

I’m not sure how things are done in Cali, where they’ve had the Terminator running things for the last few years, but this is Florida, we elected Voldemort and if this project is too expensive we will avada kedavra the heck out of it, just like we did the bullet train.

So, please Mr. L.A Architect, take your 12 mil and just draw the dog-gone building, the way we want it.

It’s not what you want, it’s what we can afford.