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April 15th Tax Day Party Recap with Video

In Uncategorized on April 17, 2011 at 9:34 pm

Yeah, the Tea Party in Central Florida is still here and they’re here in force.

On Friday at Lake Eola Park in Orlando 2500 (splitting the estimates) filled the band shell to hear Tea Party and Conservative favorites like Marco Rubio, Joe the Plumber, and Presidential contender Herman Cain who, was the headliner. Bud Hedinger was the master of ceremonies and did a fine job.

One surprise was Senate President and U.S Senate candidate was Mike Haridopolos, who isn’t necessarily a fixture at these events, but he got some decent “pop” from the audience and about a 1/3 of a standing ovation.

Herman Cain was about 45 minutes late, and things were getting a little tense there for a second, but after he arrived, he received a great welcome from the large crowd, who didn’t budge for the entire 3 hour event.

There were about a dozen counter-protesters and two hecklers that jumped speeches. They were promptly escorted out by Orlando Police, peacefully. Speech jumpers have no place at events like these, conservative or liberal.

Unless it’s Kanye West, that would be pretty cool.

The event was a success and Central Florida we’ll be a heckuva battlefield in 2012, with President on the ballot.

Here is a little video. I tried to post some of the crowd shots and events that weren’t covered by the big guys. It’s nothing fancy and I just threw it together in about 15 minutes.

6 months since the last major Orlando Tea Party Rally, they haven't lost any momentum. Can anyone stop them?

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