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Everyone Hates the Florida Legislature: Session Backlash

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Remember Raymond?

The mistake prone, main character from the successful television show? Raymond was the family man who, was bossed around by his feisty wife and overprotective mom. Every show he would find himself in a predicament that would have everyone shouting at about the 22 minute mark and we would all get a good laugh at how bad his decision making skills were.

If your a state lawmaker right now, it’s not hard to find someone who is hating you at the moment. Can’t think of anyone? I’ve got a whole list, let me help you out.

The League of Women Voters hates the state legislature: President of the LWV Deirdre MacNab published this post on the Orlando Sentinel Op-ed blog, and made an appearance on WKMG’s Flashpoint blasting the voting restrictions passed by the legislature that, shorten early voting from 8 to 14 days and make it difficult for organizations like the LWV to register voters.

It was brought up during the television interview that this legislation favors Republicans. I don’t pull punches here, I’ll tell you it does. Republicans have the super-majority and they’re going to do what they can to keep it.

You hear that Democrats? Republicans in Tallahassee don’t think you’ll get off the couch, and after you’re turnout in November, I’m prone to agree with them. If the President wasn’t on the ballot in 2012, I would put money on it.

The bright side of this, is that shortening the early voting days will save thousands per county and we need every penny we can get.

Macnab is right, third party groups like the LWV are getting rolls of red tape hurled at them, their privileges shouldn’t have been changed.

Awake the State still hates Republican lawmakers: Awake the State is back and they’re holding statewide demonstrations protesting the budget. The same group protested the anti-union legislation earlier this year in Tallahassee. The Awake the State campaign will continue the aggressive activities taken by liberals, that has included townhall outbursts and zombies walking the streets.

Rep. Daphne Campbell will keep hating Rep. Scott Randolph: Daphne Campbell is going on the offensive in her grudge with fellow Democrat Randolph. She is holding a protest at his office pushing the pro-life beliefs that made Randolph throw her pen in the garbage and threaten her with a challenger for re-election. There has been some noise that private apologies have been made but, Campbell wants them done in public.

They just need to sort things out and move on already.

So, yeah it’s tough a time to be a State Lawmaker. Kinda makes you wonder why, anyone would want the job.

Raymond never had it this bad.

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