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Sources: Rick Scott set to approve Sunrail

In Uncategorized on May 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm

How about this for a Friday afternoon story?

The Sunshine State News is reporting that Florida Governor Rick Scott is set to approve the commuter rail system, that will run from Volusia to Osceola County.

Green lighting Sunrail would give Scott something to point at, when confronting his critics about his job creation numbers.

He would also be risking the support of the Tea Party activists that have protested on behalf of Scott policies and stand firmly against killing the train.

Rick Scott’s approval rating is currently 41%

If any decisions are made, I’ll be sure to post about it ASAP.

Update:Orlando Sentinel Post

Is Governor Scott getting on board Sunrail?

  1. Job numbers? The public needs to understand that we lose jobs when we take money and resources out of the private sector and mi-allocate them in the public sector. Government produces nothing. Government takes resources from those that produce goods and services. It does not matter how the government does it, taxes, printing money, borrowing money or inflation. The end result is stealing resources from people who made those products and services and giving that time and effort to someone who did nothing.

    Rick Scott “job creation” numbers is a myth. If Keynesian economics worked the GDP would be at $20 trillion not 15.

  2. […] audience for Scott, but what about Sunrail? If he green lights that project (and he’s hinted he might) he’ll lose a group of voters that have been with him, since day […]

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