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No Mitch Daniels leaves Florida GOP with little to get exited about in 2012.

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Mitch Daniels is out.

Mike Huckabee is out.

Newt Gingrich is probably wishing he stayed out. Mitt Romney still hasn’t come up with a solid reason behind “Romneycare” in Massachusetts and Ron Paul didn’t like the way we killed Osama Bin Laden.

I could go on about Sarah Palin’s faux pas, Michelle Bachmann’s indecision, or even Herman Cain, who might be one of the more popular and well spoken candidates getting called out on Fox News Sunday for having 13 dollars on hand in campaign cash.

The GOP sits ready to spring up and cheer at an out of the blue announcement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Texas Guv Rick Perry, or Jeb Bush deciding to take the tougher road to the White House instead of waiting for 2016. Candidates that can logically attack issues like the economy, foreign policy, and energy independance and still be more like-able than a President that’s propelled by the pop culture juggernaut that turned Florida blue in 08′.

Rick Santorum? Nope. Jon Huntsman? Please, he used to work for the Obama. Gary Johnson wants to legalized marijuana. You’d have to be high to think that any of those guys have a legitimate shot.

That leaves us with Tim “T-Paw” Pawlenty. No, he’s not a missing member from the Wu-Tan Clan. He’s the former Governor of Minnesota. I explain this because they’re are poll numbers that say only 48% of conservatives know who he is. He’s boring but can actually provide a rational argument that can change minds.

Not the ideal candidate to get exited about in a Presidential race but in 2012, that might be all we can get.

The Best of whats left?

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