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Haridopolos Radio, Anthony Wiener’s well….and Pizza with Palin and the Donald

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There is just a lot of non-sense going around. Let’s get to it.

Mike Haridopolos Radio:

Okay, Pop quiz. You’re running for U.S Senate in Florida and you’ve got a tough GOP primary coming up. You go on a radio show and the host asks you if you have voted in favor of the medicare plan of a very popular, fellow conservative. You answer with?

A) Absolutely, I think Paul Ryan’s plan for medicare is right on. I hope the people of Florida will provide me with the opportunity to go to Washington and support more of this kind of legislation.

B) I think we need to look at all of our options. I would’ve voted no for this version of the bill but, we need to keep working and find a solution that keeps medicare from going broke.

C) Use the 5 D’s of Dodgeball…Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and …dodge the question. Then get booted off the face of terrestrial radio by the host.

Haridopolos chose C. Here have a listen.

This clip is going off on the web, and it’s what everyone is talking about. I really don’t understand what happened. Shouldn’t you have a clear stance on one of the most controversial issues in politics right now? You can add this to the laundry list of things that Haridopolos has goofed on over the last few months. The overpriced book he wrote and sold to Brevard Community College, the meltdown that took place at the end of the state session and now this. Wow…he’s going to have to start healing like Wolverine, if he wants to stay competitive in this Senate Primary.

The right answer? A: it’s the only plan on the table right now and until someone comes up with something better, I don’t want to keep ignoring the problem.

My man Mike, did release a statement afterward, and said amendments were necessary to Paul Ryan’s medicare plan.


Anthony Weiner allegedly Tweets a picture of his Junk:

Anthony Weiner (ween-er or wh-iner, it’s just impossible to pronounce his name without insulting him) is one of my least favorite liberals in all of American politics today. He attacks party over policy, he gets into shouting matches on the house floor, and his antics are about as funny as an episode of antiques roadshow.

He’s a troll-like, mini-me of an Alan Grayson without the one-liners or production value.

Let’s have a look:

That knucklehead. Why won’t he let law enforcement investigate? Let the feds have a look and release a report proving his innocence. He’s suppose to be a front-runner for New York Mayor next year, is he going to let this follow him for the rest of his life? This has conservatives all over the country, fist-pumping, hash-tagging and laughing all the over the information super-highway.

It’s hard to sympathize with ultra-partisan, bomb throwers and this is no exception.

Pizza with Sarah and Donald: You know that question that you’ve probably been asked a few times? If you could have dinner with any 5 people; living or dead, who would they be?

I’m certain Sarah Palin or Donald Trump don’t make the list very often.

Still, earlier this week the two had pizza in New York and talked about god knows what. I imagine it was stunt that will keep Palin in the public eye and hopefully lure in some of “The Donald’s” supporters.

Barehands or Fork and Knife?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to grab pizza in NYC with any of these two. Heck, I’ll hunt turkeys in Wasilla if it meant I could have a long conversation with Palin. Just because I give them a hard time on their Presidential plans and media faux pas, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be cool to hang out with these guys.

See you later,

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