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I’m Sorry? Dean Cannon endorses Mike Haridopolos

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 at 10:58 pm

You guys ever watch Mixed Martial Arts or what it’s more commonly known as, Ultimate Fighting?

Do you ever notice how the winner of the fight, just seconds after beating his opponent to a bloody pulp on the edge of consciousness, walks over to make sure he’s okay?

I present to you, today’s endorsement for U.S Senate.

It’s no secret that Speaker of the House Dean Cannon R-Winter Park “handled” Senate President and U.S Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos R-Merritt Island at the close of the last session. There was even a viral video of that long, and painful to watch meltdown.

Today, Dean went to check on Mike, he picked him up and even gave him a push in the right direction. He endorsed the State Senate Prez for the U.S Senate.

It feels like this sentence has appeared on this blog several times over the last few months but, Haridopolos has had a rough go at it. Selling books to community colleges that cost six figures, the previously mentioned legislature meltdown, and taking a verbal beat down before getting booted from a radio program last week.

Haridopolos has been able to raise a lot of money, and that certainly helps but, if he keeps up this trend of embarrasing events, it’s going to be tough.

He’s in whats shaping up to be an exiting primary against former State Rep and current “buzz” candidate Adam Hasner and also former U.S Senator George LeMieux who, had a great talk with me last week (that interview can be found here).

Dean Cannon’s endorsement will be temporary high note for the Haridopolos campaign but, if he’s slugging it out with Lemieux or Hasner in the middle of the campaign, they’re not going to help him up, if he falls.

Update: Here is the video:

If Haridopolos doesn't get it together, there won't be someone there to call off his opponents

  1. […] embattled state Senate prez Mike Haridopolos, he’s had a rough go at it recently but, did get House Speaker Dean Cannon’s endorsement, raised a lot of money and released this “getting to know you” ad, a couple of weeks […]

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