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Adam Hasner attacks Lemieux with Crist-centric Webvid

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Some Florida Senate 2012 news..

Not even 24 hours after the St. Pete Times labled former State Rep. and current candidate for U.S Senate Adam Hasner with the primary kryptonite “moderate” tag. The Hasner campaign returned volley with this.

It’s a good ad. It lines itself up with Rubio supporters by portraying Lemieux as the guy pulling the strings on Charie Crist, and attempts to paint him as an Obama-friendly politician. I dig the music too.

If you’re on Twitter then, you’ll no doubt get caught in the cross-fire between supporters from the two camps. We’ve still got a long way to go.

Former Senator Lemieux was a guest on this blog last week. Take a listen. I’ll try to have Hasner, and Senate Prez and money leader Mike Haridopolos on as well.

There is also word of former Congressional candidate and Ruth Chris CEO, Craig Miller entering the race and, oh man, you don’t want to miss my analysis if he jumps in!

Have a great Friday.

  1. […] Lemieux’s primary opponents. It’s a little early but, former state rep Adam Hasner launched this ad last week, trying to connect Lemieux to Republican turned independent and former Governor Charlie […]

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