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Texas Politics, Minnesota Twins and No Cash for Cain

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2011 at 2:45 pm

We’ve got a GOP Presidential-centric blog post today, let’s get started..

Texas Politics: Fresh off of his lack-luster performance in the CNN GOP debate on Monday, where he stood at his podium wild-eyed and off balance, Texas Congressman Ron Paul buzzed fellow potential Prez contender, Texas Governor Rick Perry. This was reported by The Hill.

“The people who are sick and tired of what they are getting in Washington, they want some significant changes, and looking at this from a free market,” Paul said on Fox News. “I don`t think that he is going to be that attractive to that group of people”

Paul has to be threatened by a Rick Perry run, he has a tough time getting anyone to support him that wasn’t already supporting him in 08′. You can drive around Orlando and occasionally see a worn bumper sticker on a mini-van or Buick Celebrity.

Rick Perry, along with Governor Chris Christie from Nj is one of those candidates that could announce and eliminate Ron Paul from the conversation altogether. Unfortunately, for my favorite wacky, old fashioned, gold prospector, they’ll be another heavyweight to enter this race (Perry or Palin) and he’ll be a third tier candidate anyways.

To the mainstream, unfamiliar with his policies, Paul can come off a little awkward

Pawlenty or Bachmann:In another pair of Presidential hopefuls from the same state, with mid-western vaulues, you’ve got former Governor Tim Pawlenty and Tea Party Caucus Leader Rep. Michele Bachmann. It’s early but, after Bachmann’s great showing in the New Hampshire debate, you’ve got to imagine it’s only a matter of time before these two are slugging it out in the national spotlight. You’ve got to like Pawlenty’s chances of beating Obama in the general election more than, the camera mistake-prone Bachmann. Once again it’s early and if Palin jumps in the race, it will pull votes from Michele Bachmann’s tea party base.

Which Minnesota Politician do you support?

Herman Cain can’t raise any money: Finally, we come to Herman Cain who, over the course of this young race has done well rising from being an unknown CEO to conservative favorite. He exercises great poise in the media and debates well. There is one problem…

He’s broke,

No not M.C Hammer broke or even Martha Stewart broke. No one is donating to his campaign and in a while donors are cramping up writing checks to Mitt Romeny, Cain continues to make the rounds and criss-cross the country campaigning on his own dime. Just like he did when he spoke in Orlando, he is walking off with standing ovation and sitting wallets.

Herman Cain is the Napster of American Politics, everyone loves to listen but, know one wants to pay for it.

Next time you hear Herman Cain speak, give him a dollar, will you?

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