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Are you ready for a Sunrail Showdown?

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Save the Train! Kill the Train! It will create jobs! We can’t afford it! Bless Rick Scott! Save us Harry Potter!

Which side are you on?

It’s the political issue that is exclusive to Central Florida that everyone has an opinion about. This was suppose to be a done deal when, then Governor Crist criss-crossed the state on his Sunrail Signing ceremony. For the most part, it was attended by groups in favor of the train that would stretch from Deland to Poinciana but, there were pockets of Tea Party camps protesting anyone that would approve this train under the current economic condidtions.

Then came Rick Scott and he vaporized any of the state’s prior plans, he was the big dog in the Sunshine State now.

with very little hesitation and a lot of met resistance he waved off high speed rail, that would have connected Orlando to Tampa. 2.4 Billion dollars that was going to be spent anyways was sent to Illinois, Missouri and New York.

He hasn’t been so quick to judge Sunrail, though. There is a lot more support for that, on both sides of the isle. He’s pushed off this decision to June then, at the beginning of the month he pointed out it would be the end of June. Well, it’s June 25.

Tuesday is being called the Sunrail Showdown by many, there is a reason for that. This week, Scott and his team will be making stops throughout Central Florida and will be in the middle of conflicting Sunrail protests. Public comments will be heard at board meetings in most of the Central Florida counties and there will be some political heavy hitters making their voices heard.

All of this leading to an eventual decision by Governor Scott.

So far, the money is on Rick Scott approving the project. I’ve said many times, if he does, he’ll lose what little support he has left.

What do I think?

Guys, I gotta tell you. I think Rick Scott will push his decision on Sunrail back to the beginning of August. He’s going to be taking in a lot over the next couple of days and will need some time to take it in.

You heard it here first.

So, is this gonna happen or what?

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