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The Rock Pink Celebrity Bowl-o-rama

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm

What an awesome event.

This is my favorite non-political event of the year and it raises loads of money for a cause that affects all of us in one way or another.

It’s the Rock Pink Celebrity Bowl-O-Rama and every year they bring together every day folks like you and me and dozens of local celebrities in TV, Radio, Sports and Music for an afternoon of bowling and hanging out.

Every year, it feels like this event is getting bigger and better, this was my second Bowl-a-rama and the Boardwalk Bowl on Colonial was full on a stormy afternoon, absolutely perfect conditions for an event indoors. There were also auctions, food, raffles, and other games if bowling wasn’t your thing.

I was on Dirty Jim’s team, he’s one of the Monster’s in the Morning on Real Radio 104.1, a terrific celeb to bowl with and our squad was a great group of guys.

A great group of guys to bowl with, a first class event. I'm also doing a mean "Where's Waldo?" impression here.

There were some political opinion leaders there too. Scott Maxwell- Orlando Sentinel, Lauren Rowe- WKMG’ Flashpoint, Jim Philips– Real Radio 104.1, and John Morgan- Morgan & Morgan, and CF News 13’s The Agenda.

In the end, it was all about raising money for Rock Pink, an Organization that works, so hard in the fight against breast cancer, and to see the community come together again, is another reminder of how great the people of Central Florida are.

Here is RockPink’s website, if you would like to help.

How many celebs can you spot in this short video?

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