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Alan Grayson’s Greatest or Not So Greatest Hits

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2011 at 7:29 pm

As he announced earlier this week Alan Grayson is running for Congress…again.

The former Representative from the 8th District of Florida went to Washington and threw bombs at what ever looked or smelled Republican. He quickly became an MSNBC staple and energized the left with hyper partisan policy, that slammed conservative thinking. “Die Quickly” as you all remember was his explanation of the other sides plan for healthcare reform. He called a lobbyist a “K-Street Whore” without blinking and even pushed to have his name in lights. “Grayson” would be visible as you drove past his office on I4. He raised money effortlessly and had Hollywood celebrities endorsing him.

To Orlando Democrats he was a champion, a fire baller, who was the congressional anti-hero admired by fellow Representatives in his party. Barney Frank’s boy was to have a long career in Washington and usher in an era that would “Out Tea Party, the Tea Party”

Things didn’t work out that way…

Instead, it was the quiet Grandfather from Winter Garden, Dan Webster who, knocked out Alan Grayson last November without even putting up his guard. The long time State Lawmaker resisted all calls to run until late in the election cycle, and after being attacked, slammed by Grayson in the media and the whole “Taliban Dan” debacle, Webster beat Alan Grayson. On election night during a press conference at an establishment called “Slingapours” downtown, Grayson’s rebellious tone during his concession speech left the little doubt in anyone’s mind. He would be back.

It’s still unclear, how the district lines are going to workout but, it’s very likely that Grayson will have a primary opponent. Last night on television, I debated that he’s a very real threat to anyone that runs against him, especially in a Democratic primary with Conservative voters out of play. I said he could easily raise millions and throw half a dozen commercials at you. He’s got to be considered the early favorite.

He’s never been one to hold back on his words. Let’s have a look back.

Democrats enjoy, Republicans hold your nose or just come back tomorrow, I understand.

Here we’ve got Alan saying Republicans want you to die..

Here is the “K-Street Whore” comment

Here is “Saved our Schools” which was voted as the worst campaign ad of 2010.

It was ultimately this ad that led to Grayson’s defeat. The Webster footage was so heavily edited the ad was slammed by nationwide media on both sides.

This was the ad many Democratic strategist said Grayson should have ran in it’s place.

Alan Grayson jumping back into the game is a very real, very well funded threat. Dan Webster won by riding out the hurricane of anti-Republican political noise, a primary opponent won’t have that luxury.

Till next time.

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