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Rental Car Surcharge? Yes, Sir….

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Heh, heh….I can hear the boos from the other side of my computer screen but keep reading..

Earlier this week, Orange County District 5 Commissioner and Lady Ga Ga super fan, Ted Edwards revived the idea of a rental car surcharge to help off set the costs of other transportation projects such as Sunrail. $2 dollars a day on any vehicle for hire in the State of Florida, could go a long way in doing just that.

Now, I know what you saying… A charge, a fee, a cost, whatever man! A tax is tax! We don’t play any of that nonsense here in the O.C! That’s crazy talk!

Let me finish…

What do Commissioner Edwards, and myself really care about at the end of the day? Who are we really looking out for?

We care about Orange County. If you live in Orange County, or anywhere near metro Orlando, how often do you rent a car? I care about my neighbors that are looking for work, I care about public safety and responsible growth in our community. This surcharge won’t touch you.

Selfish? Maybe, but let’s take these non-consequential measures to keep our future secure. I care about my readers and we’re not withholding life changing resources here, we’re balancing our checkbook for the kids. Let’s not forget that a lot of these tourists are foreign.

There are concerns that this tax could hurt tourism. No way, we’re the number one vacation destination in the world. We got Harry Potter baby! Accio Tourist Dollars! We are what family getaways are all about!

The average family vacation stay here in Orlando is 7 days, are you going to tell me that $14 bucks is going to make a parent deprive a house full of screaming kids of Harry Potter, Daytona Beach and Mickey Mouse?

Let’s take a good look at this surcharge. Let’s do a good job controlling the message and letting Floridians know that this isn’t a tax on them…..

It’s a tax on the French, it’s a tax on the British and if some taxing payback on the British doesn’t appeal to the Tea Party, I don’t know what will…

Edwards' surcharge push needs to be considered

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