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The Market is Down, Mcallister is Up, and Huntsman’s Campaign Conflict

In Uncategorized on August 5, 2011 at 5:04 pm

TGIF, Let’s go…

I got five (hundred) on it: The market plummeted 500 points to 2008 lows yesterday, setting off an economic panic that is being felt around the world. Asia, Europe, and Wall St. are all prepared to bury their money if this keeps up. Gold! Gold is down and the guy spinning the sign on Colonial Dr. said that would never happen.

Everyone is looking at the President…

President Obama’s approval rating fell to a 2008, G.W Bush-like, 44% in the latest Quinnipiac Poll. The voters are obviously not pleased with the way that the debt ceiling debates were handled and Mitt Romney has got to stoked. He stayed quiet, walked through the mudslinging and came out clean on the other side, still leading the polls amongst GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Mike McCalister leads poll: The same poll that has Obama’s approval sinking has former Army Colonel Mike McCalister leading the Republican field, in the primary to take on Bill Nelson. He’s out front with 15%, Former Senator George Lemieux has 12%, the guy working at the pizza parlor in Maitland has %8, and former State Rep. Adam Hasner has %6.

You might has seen McCalister’s name on this blog before, he finished third in last year’s GOP Gubernatorial primary, that saw him take an unexpected 10% in that slug match between Bill McCullom and, then unknown, Florida Governor Rick Scott. Is he for real? We’ll see..

McCallister is up in the polls. Is he the real deal?

Jon Huntsman Campaign Infighting?: Yesterday, Politico and the Orlando Sentinel pushed a nasty story on the Orlando Based, Jon Huntsman campaign that touched some major conflicts between key staff. Forget TNT, if this article is on point, then this is where the drama is at.

The story of campaign strategist John Weaver and family friend Dave Fischer has HBO movie written all over it, and they could shoot it on Orange Ave.

The timing is unfortunate, Huntsman has recently been mentioned by some TV pundits as a dark horse to push into the Romney/Bachmann conversation. The former Utah Governor doesn’t need this right now.

It's been the drama behind the scenes which has made the headlines this week for Jon Huntsman

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