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Charlie Crist could have beaten Bill Nelson

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2011 at 2:06 pm

It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long, already. It seems like just yesterday.

15 months since Former Florida Governor Charlie Crists left The Republican Party of Florida to run for the U.S Senate as an Independent.

This of course was due to the phenomenal rise of current GOP Senator Marco Rubio, who also not so long ago, seemed like a long shot to represent the sunshine state in the Senate. He’s now fighting off rumors that he is Mitt Romney’s top pick for the bottom of his ticket for 2012.

Former Governor Crist is now “For the People” working for one of the biggest personal injury firms in Florida and giving lectures at Stetson University.

It didn’t have to be this way.

When Rubio leaned forward in the arm wrestling match at the polls, Crist could have dropped out, quit. He could have ran for re-election as Governor and easily won, or if he had his heart set on going to Washington, he could have done what a lot of other pundits were saying he should have done.

Ran against Bill Nelson, and after this debt ceiling fiasco and S&P giving our economy “the political finger” he could have beaten the long time Senator who, watched NASA get dismantled.

If Charlie Crist hadn’t left RPOF, George Lemieux wouldn’t be in the contest, and he easily would have been the fundraising frontrunner. Conservatives would have appreciated ol’ Charlie stepping aside and letting Rubio through.

In the general, Crist could have used Bill Nelson’s recent record, and the current crisis in Washington against him. In what could be another “throw the bums out” year in 2012, where Republicans run against President Obama, instead of their opponents, Crist could beat Bill Nelson. That would have been an exiting race, set against the backdrop of a Presidential battle for Florida, like we’ve never seen.

Crist could still have a future, he can still be Governor again. Rick Scott’s approval numbers are still awful and he could stomp former CFO Alex Sink and AG candidate Dan Gelber in a Democratic primary. In the general election, barring a personality transplant by Governor Scott, the voters would send him back to the Governor’s mansion but, it won’t be what he wanted. He wanted to go to D.C and if he could have just waited a couple of years, he would have gotten his wish.

If Crist hadn't burned his bridges he could have been a Senator in 2012

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