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Harry Reid picks “Old Reliables” for Super Committee

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Kicking off selections for the SUPER COMMITTEE, that is suppose to tackle the debt head on or face across the line cuts for Entitlement and Defense was Senate Leader Harry Reid. In what is suppose to be an all-star squad of political brawlers, that will beat the other side into economical submission started off with a snore Tuesday when Reid picked the following loyal (and old) Senate Dems.

John Kerry:Yeah, you remember this guy! The longtime Senator and former Prez candidate from Massachusetts has been doing the Sunday talkers for the last month. You could see this pick coming from a mile away. Senator Kerry will have to cash those checks he’s been writing on TV, while serving on this committee.

Kerry must have know he was going to serve on this committee for some time...

Max Baucus: He’s been in the Senate forever and he’s from Montana…not much more to say about that. He’s actually pretty moderate. A pro 2nd amendment Democrat (nothing like hunting in Montana), that has voted in favor of the Bush tax cuts in the past. If there is a glimmer of hope that this committee gets something done before the final hours, the initiative is going to have to come from Baucus.

Is the Senator from Montana going to move quickly?

Patty Murray: Senator Murray is lucky to still be in Washinton. She was taken to the limit for reelection last year. Another longtime Senator, she is going to take guidance from the White House during these talks.

The longtime Senator from Washington rounds out Reid's picks

Pretty dull, eh?

I think you’ll notice a few things. 1. All of these guys have been in Washington forever 2. All of these picks haven’t broken ranks with Reid on any fiscal issues during this Presidency 3. All of them are old.

I know we’ve got nine picks left for the SUPER COMMITTEE but, where are the fireballers? Where are the guys who are going huff and puff to the podium and give these talks some excitement? Reid’s picks, for the most part are just as dull as he is and more importantly going to lead to the same gridlock in negotiations that we just had a week ago.

No lawmakers from Florida are expected to be selected.

Nine picks left, some are expected to made today and I will keep you posted.

  1. […] number 2. will no doubt be one of the bad cops in these negotiations. He’s been hitting cable TV about as much as his liberal counterpart John Kerry. I’m sure he’ll be throwing some smoke at the other side on the podium is […]

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