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Who Won The Ames GOP Debate? Recap:

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This debate was a lot of fun!

It had everything, blind sided insults, creative comebacks, media bashing, and even some “Crazy Talk”. It was sad to see it end! All of it with the shadow of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s entrance looming over the participants.

Let’s go over some of the highlights:

Mitt Romney Swings Back: Mitt had a rough day, first he was heckled at a protest..

That Protester was later identified as….

Romney's Heckler was later identified

That was just the beginning for Mitt, he had to fend off attacks from Michele Bachmann and Yes, Tim Pawlenty (he didn’t chicken out this time) and rolled with the punches. Besides President Obama, Mitt Romney was the #1 Target and he swung back and kept the damage to a minimum.

The Minnesota Twins Battle:I called Tim Pawlenty a wimp at least half a dozen times yesterday and boy, did he try to shake off that label. Tim attacked anything that moved in that debate last night.

Including fellow Minnesota lawmaker and fellow front runner Michelle Bachmann.

Pawlenty and Bachmann went back an forth like a bad sitcom, married couple. Throwing vicious, negative facts about each others records. Bachmann returned volley with the Minnesota Cap and Trade that Pawlenty backed, during his time in office.

“Leading and failing is not the objective”- Tim Pawlenty to Michele Bachmann

“You said the era of small government is over. That sounds a lot more like Barack Obama if you ask me” Michele Bachmann to Tim Pawlenty

Bachmann had another great performance last night and is still the smart voter’s Sarah Palin.

Pawlenty might extended his run for a short while but, is this a flash in the pan or a more aggressive and outspoken former Governor or Minnesota.

These two Minnesota Lawmakers could ahve gone back and forth all night..

Newt Gingrich takes frustration out on Chris Wallace:What the heck got into Gingrich last night? He was questioned by FOX News Sunday’s Chris Wallace on his imploding campaign and Gingrich took the time he was suppose to use to answer the question and completely blasted Wallace for asking a “Gotcha Question”

Newt’s behavior was more grouchy, and mean than, rebellious and inspiring. Stick a fork in him.

The Field, You would forget they were there:
There were moments during that debate last night where, you would forget that the other candidates were there. “Oh, Rick Santorum is here” “Hey it’s Jon Huntsman” etc….some quick thoughts on the rest

Jon Huntsman didn’t make the national impression he had to, to stay competitive in this race
– The Rick Santorum/Ron Paul conflict was a worthy undercard bout, to the Minnesota Twins battle.
– Did you see Mitt Romney compliment and praise Herman Cain during an exchange? Is there a full GOP ticket there?

What a day, and what an exiting debate, and we’ve still got Rick Perry and maybe….Sarah Palin coming?

If you like attack heavy debates, these guys didn't disappoint

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