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Tim Pawlenty Drops Presidential Bid. What Happened?

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Poor Tim Pawlenty, he really wasn’t that bad was he?

It was announced this morning that former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty will be dropping out of the GOP Presidential Primary. This comes after a disappointing week in Iowa that saw him take 3rd place in the Ames straw poll, and get in a nasty exchange with fellow Minnesota lawmaker, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (who won the straw poll last night) in the debate held on Thursday night.

Was Tim Pawlenty too rational? Too moderate…Gasp! Was he going to have to change who he was to remain competitive in this primary?

Perhaps, more than likely it was because of his soft spoken, mild mannered way of performing on the national stage. He couldn’t attract the kind of voters that win GOP primaries. He didn’t have a group that he could call his.

Traditional Conservative? They’re following Mitt Romney…

The Tea Party? They’re back Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul…

Social Conservatives? They’ll be having their Prayer Breakfast with Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Why not stay in the spotlight longer? Wait for the other candidates to falter, or stay fresh in the public’s mind in case you want to be on the bottom of the ticket. Vice President Pawlenty? That doesn’t sound too bad, and he was on McCain’s list in 2008. I’m convince that’s what Santorum, Cain and Co. are doing.

Most of the time, nice guys finish last in politics….Pawlenty finished third last night, and now it looks like he’s not going to finish at all. What happened to T-Paw? How can you sum up, what happened to Tim Pawlenty’s campaign for President?

His voice wasn’t loud enough to separate him from the pack both, in the polls and on the stage.

T-Paw's timid politics didn't resonate with voters

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