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Poor Ron Paul and Katherine Heigl’s Mom Returns with A Venegence

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2011 at 9:05 pm

Poor Ron Paul,

I gotta tell you it’s got to be frustrating, to finish a close second in the Ames straw poll held last weekend in Iowa and get absolutely no love from the media. If you haven’t checked out Jon Stewart’s report on how the media loves kicking around Ron Paul, check out this piece.

That’s just the way it is. Ron Paul has a very loyal but, small following. It’s just enough to keep him on the radar and get him invited to the major debates, nothing more. Our wild eyed mine prospector, will just have to keep on fighting the good fight in Congress.

By the way, I didn’t put Ron Paul in the top tier, when I did TV on Sunday Night either…

Katherine Heigl doppleganger, Megyn Kelly returns with a vengence:

There are a lot of reasons to like Megyn Kelly. She’s intelligent, entertaining, a little attractive…okay very attractive. She came back from maternity leave looking better than when she left. In fact, with her new haircut there is no denying she looks exactly like Katherine Heigl.

After her haircut the Fox News Anchor looks exactly like the former Grey's Anatomy Star

Anyways Megyn Kelly has been on a roll since she’s gotten back check out this clip…

and that is how you remove the soul from a human male on television…Jon Stewart also did a piece on that.

Now she’s catching some static about interrupting the President during one of his bus tour stops. I don’t see anything wrong with this one.

No foul on the play. They jumped in a little early and as soon as the President got down to business, she pulled back. Let’s relax everyone, it wasn’t that bad.

Guys, you’ve got to enjoy this. What else are you going to watch on daytime television? Court Shows? Infomercials?….Soaps!? Get out of here! Welcome Back Megyn Kelly and I hope you don’t find out that I called you Katherine Heigl’s mom. Your only 8 years older.

  1. […] of the candidates: Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has been on a roll since she’s returned from maternity leave, making headlines for destroying her guests on America Live. She’s the best thing they got […]

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