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Politico: The VP Field: It’s Rubio and then the rest..

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2011 at 1:40 pm

Wow, this is why America is great.

Two years ago, Marco Rubio was the longest of longshots to be a United States Senator.

Now, he’s the first choice, Vice President pick, for many of the candidates running and for the strategist steering their campaigns.

POLITICO reported this morning that in the Veepstakes (ugh, that title) “it essentially boils down to Rubio and the rest”. Now, before we all get exited and deliver Florida to the GOP nominee, it’s a very impressive field of possible choices. Some of them could actually be competitive in the GOP primary themselves. Now, since we’re obviously bias, I’ll list some of the other candidates along with a short explanation of why Rubio is the better pick.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: I dig his style but, he’s got health problems
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal: LA’s electoral votes won’t win you an election
Ohio Senator Rob Portman: Who? Plus, His Super Committee selection will dent his reputation
Rep Paul Ryan WI: His economic plan never took off and some of the details could scare off the moderates
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley: Would be great to have Female VP but, she’d get treated like Palin 2.0
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels: Have you met, Cheri Daniels?

There are others but, you could disqualify them for the same reasons listed above.

Rubio is well spoken, fast in a debate, Hispanic, and carries the great State of Florida. He’ll knock down speculation, because that’s what humble, future leaders do. There are plenty of terrific candidates out there but, line them up, side by side, and take a good look.

It would be harder to find a better choice than the Republican Senator from FL.

Study the field, Rubio is the winner's pick

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