Frank Torres, Orlando Freelance Reporter

The ReInventing Rick Scott Tour Sweeps through Orlando

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2011 at 1:09 pm

When Rick Scott’s approval rating hit 29% a while back it became clear, something had to be done.

Then he approved Sunrail and something funny happened. His approval inched up, just a bit.

“Wow, this is fun!” thought the Governor, “we should do stuff like this more often!”

You could say that green-lighting Sunrail was the beginning of the reinvention of Rick Scott.

He opened the door to his mansion, becoming more available to the media he despised, and he even took time to work at a donut shop. Similar to the one he started when he was younger. “Let’s get to work days” the campaign was called.

Then, Scott Maxwell from the Orlando Sentinel published this photo:

Florida Governor Rick Scott: Just one of the guys...

You kidding me?

Now, even more unbelievable is that Rick Scott is coming TO the media. This was the guy that once slow jogged away from a group of reporters. He’ll be stopping by a couple of television stations (at the time of this posting, he was already on FOX 35 and WESH 2) and gasp! Is this right? He’ll be in the hot seat with the Orlando Sentinel Editorial board.

Keep in mind that Rick Scott gave the Heisman to every Newspaper ed board in the state and forfeited all of their endorsements to Alex Sink.

This has got get approval up, right? It’s got to keep him out of the Scott Walker conversation as the worst Governor in the country? Well, that depends. if this kinder, and gentler Rick Scott is here to stay. If he can keep the Tea Party that got him elected satisfied while, convincing the rest of the state that he’s got us going in the right direction. If we get another repeat performance of his first 7 months in office then, all of this feel good stuff won’t mean a thing. His approval rating will fall again

and Charlie Crist, Alex Sink, and Dan Gelber will be watching.

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