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Linda Stewart building Campaign Team for “Higher Office”

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 at 5:36 pm

Former Orange County District 4 Commissioner and OC Mayor Candidate, Linda Stewart announced on her Facebook page that she is throwing a Campaign Committee Recruitment Event, to seek “Higher Office”.

The announcement doesn’t mention which office she’ll be running for but, there has been rumors of her considering a run for the House of Representatives after redistricting takes place next year.

Stewart came in 3rd in the Orange County Mayoral primary last year. Underfunded and running a grassroots campaign that saw her “Getting Out The Vote” on her caravan, Stewart did better than expected almost making the cut for the runoff last November.

She has been popular with the Hispanic, and LGBT communities. She has also been a watch dog protecting the Econ Trail from questionable development projects. She’s also been out front on county initiatives to bring benefits to same sex couples.

The new congressional district could potentially lean Democrat. Alan Grayson has already declared a run for that TBD, newly created seat.

The message was clear that this is not a announcement or kick-off. If she makes a formal announcement, I’ll post it here.

The Former OC Commissioner is building her team. For which office?

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