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Herman Cain campaigns in Central Florida – Photos/Videos

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Last night, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain spoke to a few hundred Central Floridians at the “Conservative Roar from the I-4 Corridor” rally hosted by WORL-660 am and several Tea Party Organizations.

The Godfather’s Pizza CEO did what he did best last night, he fired up the troops. A gifted speaker, Cain spoke about his family, his desire to be a successful businessman, and his vision for America if he were elected President.

About current GOP frontrunner and Texas Governor Rick Perry “He’s just another politician for me to beat”.

That was about the only jab you would see Cain take at a fellow GOP candidate. He has plenty to say about President Barack Obama.

While he’s got a terrific story, can hold an audience, and is a very likeable candidate, Cain isn’t a top tier candidate polling only at %6 in a recent FOX news poll. He also made the same environmental faux pas, Michele Bachmann made by pushing for drilling off the Florida coast and in the everglades. “Go where the energy is” Cain said a few times throughout the evening. He would be a popular pick for the VP nod and when asked about this from a local radio host he said..

“Let’s get one thing straight, I’m running to win” “I would have to look at who the nominee is before I made a decision”

That leaves a little wiggle room.

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel did another great job conducting the straw poll and the results demonstrate that pounding the pavement works. All of the winners were in attendance. Results are at the 13:15 mark of the video.

Overall, it was an successful event that along with the recent opening of an Obama for America office last week sets up the pieces for a political battleground unlike any other in the country.

There was a strong turnout to hear from the Godfather's Pizza owner and Presidential Candidate

State Senator David Simmons speaking to the crowd

State Senate Candidate and Straw Poll Winner James DeCocq

Radio Host/Author Todd Long and U.S Senate Candidate Craig Miller

Senate Candidate Col. Mike McCalister

Todd Long with Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, footage from the interview is on this post

The RT 46 Venue is a fine one, there should be more political events there

Cain is a gifted speaker and kept the crowd energized

  1. This is getting old:
    “While he’s got a terrific story, can hold an audience, and is a very likeable candidate, Cain isn’t a top tier candidate polling only at %6 in a recent FOX news poll.”

    So you’re implying-as if i couldn’t tell-that he’s all of that but not a viable candidate.A lot of us are getting real fed up with being told that. Let’s do some thinking here. First of all the LSM has been picking their presumed front runners since this race(if you want to call it that)started. They’re not spozed to be in the bizness of crowning winners/losers.The liberal media did that with Obummer. Of course they still do but the more ‘fair and balanced’ cable news channels do the same may be a little more subtle but they do it too. How bout reporting the news? What a novel idea.

    Second,Perry jumped in and he was suddenly at the top of the heap. No vetting,no questions asked, no scrutiny.He,for some reason,automatically got “the crown.”The GOP has a habit of doing this-but they REALLY did it this time. EVERYONE,not just Cain,took a hit. They all tumbled. People say the more in the race,the merrier. You must be kidding.Some of the folks in Iowa expressed to me that the ‘waters were muddied.’
    The DNC only has to support 1.The RNC is looking at a field that seems to grow like pig weed.
    The media can write off Cain,but the media doesn’t elect our candidate. At least they’re not THIS time. The ppl are gonna.I can sum this up in 3 words,Herman Cain 2012
    (and no i am NOT w/ the campaign)

  2. Lol, I’m not implying anything. I don’t even know you!

    If you’re not with the campaign, maybe you should be. You bring up a couple of good points.

    I brought up the FOX poll as an example (it’s the freshest one out there that was released this morning) but, I look for trends and in reputable polls, the top 3 are usually the same

    1. Perry 2. Romney 3.Bachmann or Paul

    He did a fine job last night and he loves Florida but, to the rest of the country he’s still not in the conversation.

  3. Ok.Let’s say you weren’t implying anything. I’ll take your word for it. Fair enough to mention where he’s polling with Fox. You have to report the facts and that’s a fact. You’re saying because he’s polling at 6% with Fox that he’s not a viable candidate. Fox’s first darling was Romney.Then it was Trump(when he jumped in).Then it was Bachmann.Now it’s Perry.Who’s next? Let’s also take into consideration these online polls are sometimes skewed.Do you know how many online polls Ron Paul has won? If you went by some of these polls(i hate to say it MOST of them)Ron Paul is the front runner. In fact i’ve quit voting in these polls for Herman Cain because the Paul bots do their double computer voting and it’s a waste of time.Ron Paul is going to win anyway.Do you think Ron Paul has a snowballs chance in hades of being the Republican nominee?
    Even if you counted out the Paul bots voting for their candidate how on earth is Herman Cain going to get nationwide name ID when Fox patronizes him every so often and gives him maybe 5 min of air time? Perry didn’t even get air time and he’s right at the top of the heap.He,along with most of the other candidates,entered the race WITH name ID. Herman Cain has had an uphill battle just to get the name ID he has now. Perry gets to the top without a lick of scrutiny because he has huge name ID? That’s it? You have huge name ID and you end up the presumed front runner? He gets the GOP crown? Didn’t we do this before?

    These pundits wrote off Herman Cain from the very beginning-before the polls were even in- and they’ve been driving home this point ever since. If they had their way he wouldn’t even have the name ID he has now.
    It’s just a bit much to say he’s not a viable candidate because he’s at 6% on a Fox news poll. What makes a candidate viable is real simple. Will ppl vote for this person? Would this person make a good President? Can this candidate beat Obama? This race has a long ways to go. IMHO a lot of ppl are gonna be in for a surprise. I’d like to hand a few ppl a knife,plate and fork and tell them to start eating crow-we won’t mention names but it’s that group of Washington pundits that live in their own little bubble.

  4. my apologies if it seemed like i was attacking you personally.Not the case.

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