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Politco MSNBC Debate from the Ronald Regan Library -Blogged Live!

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Blogging Live here we go, it’s great to be back!

7:59- Well guys here we go…I’m expecting a great debate to say the least

8:00- That is a heck of a set and there is Brian Williams, let’s see if Newt goes off on him! Williams has a great sense of humor. Have you seen him slow jam the news?

8:03- Rick Perry first question off the bat, Williams cherry picking some of Texas’ shortcomings with High School Graduation. Perry seems a little nervous, let’s settles down. Romney’s body language already leaning toward Perry, poised to strike perhaps?

8:04- Romney called a “buyout specialist” by Perry’s people awww snap!

8:05- First diss at President Obama by Romney- Five minutes in.

8:07- Brill-I-Ams pitting the two frontrunners against each other. Romney trying to jump the moderator after Perry’s job claims.

8:08- Romney and Perry slugging it out! Comparisons to Gore and Dukakis

8:10- Santorum, your still here?

8:11- Herman Cain bringing up his 999 plan that he brought up during his Orlando visit.

8:12- Orlando Based Jon Huntsman, he needs a grand slam tonight…Huntsman on the attack, never seen him do that before. Huntsman says Utah led the way in jobs!

8:13- Bachmann and her 600 kids, man..

8:16- Ron Paul delivered 4000 babies, take that Bachmann!

8:17- The look on Ron Paul’s face when he gets challenged…priceless

8:18- Gringrich wrote the foreword on Perry’s book?! It’s not a manifesto for President he says.

8:19- Here comes Romney care and…..MSNBC flubs the video footage…Perry takes dead air to take a shot at Romney, The politico moderator rattles out that Mass healthcare is better than TX healthcare

8:23- Perry Presidency Day 1- Overturn Obamacare….whoa. Bachmann jumping the Moderator, he waives her off. It’s Huntsman turn and he’s on the attack. Bachmann back in and says repealing Obamacare will take leadership and not happen automatically. As President she won’t rest until she does

8:26- Oh, here we go Newt…slams the questions and says the media is trying to get Republicans to fight each other…damn Newt just answer the question..

8:29- More Santorum…I keep forgetting this guy is there! I’m going to grab a drink…call me when Perry and Romney start slugging it out again..

8:32- Perry has found the camera and talking to the people at home…

8:33- Twitter questions or the comedic portion of our debate! Romney says we’re an energy rich country, says Obama is strangling the economy

8:36- Huntsman calls shenanigans on Bachmann’s claim on $2 dollar gas, where has this guy been for the last 4 months?! Not crazy about the tie though…very Charlie Crist like

8:38- Ron Paul wants to ask Perry about “Hilarycare” and says he can get gas down to a dime, a silver dime at $3.50 cents…wow..Perry with straight jab to Ron Paul,,,didn’t support Reagan!? Have you ever seen an old man moonwalk? That’s Ron Paul back pedaling on Ronald Regan!

8:42- Commercial break and right now I got Perry and that guy that looks like Jon Huntsman out front, Romney and Cain doing well, and the rest of the pack flapping in the wind…Bachmann needs to do something very quickly..

8:45- Reagan tribute…are you watching Ron Paul!?

8:49- Rick Perry not backing down from the Ponzi Scheme statement and he’s standing right by his words..Romney says our nominee shouldn’t be trying to abolish Social Security but trying to save it..and he might have scored a couple of points.

8:52- Herman Cain like’s Chile’s healthcare system, personal contributions or opting out, Bachmann tries to break in but is denied. Ron Paul pulling no punches against his state’s Governor.

8:55- Bachmann talking education…she’s got her message straight but, is it making a difference in this hostile debating environment? Rick Perry feels like the “pinata at the party’ and he’s right. He should have expected I blogged about earlier today!

8:57: Santorum is speaking so, I’m going to plug my friend’s blog Sunshine State Sarah who is doing analysis at FOX 35 this evening.

8:59: Romney on his game tonight….whoa here comes Gingrich..and he’s pushing for abolishing the TSA, Ron Paul wants AC out of Iraq/Afghanistan. He does want to bring the troops home and yes it’s time

9:03- Jon “the madman” Huntsman pushing for homeland security that works. Once again, where has this guy been? 2nd time my boy, Brian Williams has dissed Perry for low HS graduation rates..whats up with that? Perhaps, Perry is the Pinata at the party

9:08- Jose Diaz-Balart from Telemundo pushing for an answer on secure borders. Perry wants to use drones to monitor activity, Romney wants a fence or “some technology” and immigrants following the rule to take priority.

9:11- Gingrich touting his Regan years…again

9:12- Santorum is talking…. hey watch this…

That clip? More relevant than anything Santorum had to say…

9:13- Bachmann says Narco-terrorist are in Mexico and that a fence needs to be built. She went to Miami last weekend…Diaz-Balart knows this Telemundo is HQ in Miami..and yes that Diaz-Balart that is fighting fair districts

9:15- Cain says clean up the red tape blocking the road to legal immigration and he’s got a point. The Huntsman Terminator is back and…takes the sentimental route explaining his daughter’s route to citizenship.

9:20- Commercial! Perry has done well against the aggressive attacks, Romney 2nd, The Huntsman Cyborg 3rd, and Cain is doing alright..

9:23- Romney talking about the Tea Party like a completely different group, not good. Perry once again being attacked..blocks with balance budget amendment. Bachmann wisely jumps in and quotes Reagan.

9:25- The Huntsman Artificial clone pledges to not make anymore pledges..well done sir

9:28- Stupid question about W. and 9/11 … and Perry insists on clear objectives for American Troops..bravo

9:32- Bachmann slams Obama about Libya…Foreign Policy not her strong suit.

9:33- For the record guys, Palin would be toast in this debate..

9:34- Santorum talking Reagan. Going to check on dinner

9:36- Huntsman getting some applause and this moderator dismisses it…Perry insisting on true science..

9:37- Best dressed? Bachmann again and Romney/Perry since their basically the same..

9:39- Bachmann getting more opps and preaching coal…Gingrich would fire Bernanke tomorrow! Gingrich says the fed should be audited tomorrow ala Ron Paul and (Yikes! Alan Grayson). He slams the media again for asking the wrong question and slams Texas in favor of Alaska. Palin you listening?

9:42- Romney right in asking Americans to chip in on assisting the Military, would also fire Bernanke

9:44- The crow applauds the death penalty.. Perry backs up his state’s death penalty. Perry says “Americans understand judgement” when asked about the applause.

9:47- Ron Paul asked about Lyndon Johnson…how old is Paul again?

9:48- Wow, the debate is done early? That’s remarkable. Maybe they Williams could have let them slug it out more?

Alright guys! Thanks for reading I’ll have a full recap tomorrow!

Early Impressions?

Good: Perry, Romney, Huntsman
Average:Cain, Paul, Bachmann,
Bad: Santorum, Gingrich

You guys rock! See you tomorrow!

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