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President Obama addresses Joint Session of Congress- Blogged Live

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Alright guys, the speech is 40 minutes. The NFL season kicks off in

7:06: The President enters, he’s got Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell in tow. The crowd seems friendly.

Every lawmaker in the country tries to get on camera for these things

7:07: Weston Congresswoman and ugh.. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz hugs the President. You know she is going to get her air time.

7:10: Speaker Boehner announces the President…standing ovation.

7:10: “Anyone can make it in America” ‘Will we stop the political circus and do what we have to, to restore the economy” partial standing ovation.

7:12- There are steps right now we can to help people. American Jobs Act- everything in this bill has been discussed by Republican and Democrats. The purpose to put people back to work and to put more money into those already working.

7:13- You should pass this jobs plan, right away…

7:14- Mitch McConnel looks like his dog just died..

7:15- Tax cuts for hiring..Rand Paul still looks ticked

7:16- Getting competitive with China get’s a partial ovation

7:17- Corrine Brown only lawmaker standing for an ovation in her section. This bill was written by a Texas Republican and a Mass. Democrat..last night we had a guy from Texas and Mass ripping each others eyes out.

7:19- Obama talking about tax cuts for hiring Vets. This already exists, it has for a couple of years. Yet, we’ve still got higher unemployment than those that have never served.

7:21- Unemployment insurance gets extended for a year…Obama very authoritative “Pass this jobs bill” followed by partisan standing applause. This will not add to the deficit it says.

7:24- Says members of his own party don’t like Medicare reform. Obama says something must be done and Lindsay Graham (R) SC leads standing “O”

7:26- Obama says cut the Tax breaks for the rich, Warren Buffett says so! This gets a few laughs…Call for job creation and a full standing ovation.

7:29- “All of us will have to up our game” faster pay for contracts with the Government. ugh followed by some intrusive measures against small business.

7:31- Obama taking the U.S against the world approach kinda campaign speech-ish but, will make the viewers at home happy.

7:32- More calls to be competetive with trading partners like China and South Korea, that’s how America can be number one, the President says.

7:34- Won’t let this crisis be an excuse to wipe out what Americans have depended on for decades.

7:35- We shouldn’t be at the bottom, we should be racing to the top. Uh Oh, channeling Lincoln…encourages public school spending.

7:38- Biden nodding behind the President, Boehner looks like he ate some bad fish. He needs a body language coach or something.

7:40- Some believe issues should be handled at the ballot box, Obama says but the election is 14 months away and some can’t wait that long. This plan won’t solve all of our problems.

7:41- This plan is the right way to go and you should pass it. Obama calling on the people to call lawmakers and this has worked before. Staffers get ready for a rough Friday!

7:42- We are Americans we are tougher than the times we live, let’s get to work! (Shout out to Rick Scott).

Pass this bill! - Was the President's main message. A campaign speech? Perhaps

7:43- Obama making his way out, Harry Reid behind him this time. Shakes a couple hands and hugs a few colleagues…end of speech.

Conclusion: It sounded like a campaign speech and he’s going to be taking it across the country. You know, he wanted to crash the debate last night and now I think I know why. The call to action was effective last time and pointing out the timeline till the next election was very potent.

He didn’t run into kickoff of the first NFL game, that’s good for a few points in the polls by itself.

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