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CNN/Tea Party Express Debate: It’s Perry vs. Romney with endorsement from Pawlenty

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Are you ready for another Rick Perry/Mitt Romney showdown? More Jon Huntsman 2.0? How about Newt on Media violence? Are you ready to watch the Governor of Texas regulate on Ron Paul?

No lie old man, see what I'll do with your wrist if you keep coming after me!

Me too!

The CNN Tea Party Express debate, takes place tonight about 100 miles from here in Tampa. All of your faves will be there as well as Rick Santorum. You can expect the majority of the attention to go frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry only, Romney heads into tonight’s debate with a little push from a former foe.

Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney this morning, putting behind that “Obamney care stuff” Here is his announcement..

That’s a big deal. Pawlenty was held in high regard early on and when he dropped out, he left a lot of orphans looking for candidate to throw their support behind. T-Paw’s announcement and Rick Perry’s dominance of media coverage and attacks on him by the DNC, leaves these two alone on the top tier of candidates for the GOP nomination.

I’ll be channel flipping all night with the Debate and the return of Monday Night Football. You hear that Santorum? Tom Brady and Ocho Cinco get your time on my television tonight.

The former Senator hasn't gotten any traction thus far

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