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White House Hispanic Initiative Summit visits Orlando, Pushes Policy

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2011 at 2:20 pm

This past weekend at Barry University the Obama administration held a Hispanic Initiative Summit with community leaders in Central Florida.

It was a full house as the Summit kicked off and was opened by remarks from Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. The “bi-partisan” event would consists of several listening sessions where Hispanic members of the community could talk to members of the White House that could pass on concerns and ideas to the cabinet and perhaps the President himself. These issues included job development, education, housing and immigration.

Buddy Dyer delivered the opening remarks

All visitors were given a summit booklet with “Ganando el Futuro” or “Winning the future’ emblazoned on the front. The full color program featured photos of the President on Telemundo, conferencing with Hispanic Leaders, and meeting with Latino soldiers.

The Key Note Speaker was very forward with getting the attendees involved with promoting the “American Jobs Act” that President Obama addressed the joint session about on Thursday night. That bill is scheduled to make it to Congress today.

It’s always a great opportunity when White House officials spend a couple of days in Orlando but, I did have two concerns.

1.This was disguised voter activation: I’m positive that there was hundreds of great ideas exchanged that could result in a greater quality of life for Central Florida Hispanics but make no mistake, this was courting a crucial portion of the vote in the most important region of the most important swing state in the country. The call to action during the opening remarks, and the undertone that these ideas might not come to fruition should Obama lose in 2012 were prevalent.

2. Republican leaders absent once again: I’m not asking the entire conservative, congressional delegation from Florida to show up to this thing but, what about a rep from each office? What about a conservative municipal leaders? Have Conservatives in the region already wrote off the Hispanic vote?

It was a bi-partisan event, next time show up and engage the voters.

Former OPD Chief and current Congressional Candidate Val Demings meets with organizers

It was a full house at Barry University on Friday

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