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CNN Tea Party Express GOP Debate 9-12-11, Who won?

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Welcome back! I’m glad you’ve made it back to this blog in one piece after that rumble at the Tampa Fairgrounds last night. In case you missed, it’s been blogged live here. Let’s get into triage mode and see what the damage looks like.

The Winners:

Mitt Romney methodical in attacking Rick Perry: Before Governor Rick Perry jumped into the race Mitt Romney stayed out front of the pack by watching and having a strong defense prepared. After Perry jumped in he would have to be more aggressive and he was last night but, having the rest of the candidates on stage attack Perry, only made his job easier. He didn’t have to strike on every answer and when he did, Perry and the crowd in attendance felt it.

“We’re having that conversation now, We’re running for President!” after Perry tried to well.. parry a his ponzi scheme question concerning Social Security

“Getting dealt 4 Aces doesn’t make you a good poker player”- Romney concerning Perry’s success with Texas resources.

Romney didn't have to attack often, the rest of the field was doing the dirty work for him

When he wasn’t going back and forth with Perry he stuck to what he was good at..numbers. He looked like an economic Muhammad Ali at times moving faster than his opponents and even the moderator at times. He was a clear winner last night.

Michele Bachmann lives to fight another day: Few things resonate more with Tea Party Conservatives than a “Mama Grizzly” fighting for issues that could potentially affect their children and perhaps the most dramatic moments of the debate was Michele Bachmann beating down Rick Perry on his decision for mandated vaccines for young women in Texas.

Perry could only answer that he was fighting for life but he found in himself in the bear’s trap (like that?) when Bachmann brought up the ties between the medical company that benefited from the vaccine and the lobbyist turned Perry Chief of Staff that might have facilitated the deal. Perry brought up the amount of the donation (5k) and said he was offended if she thought he could be bought for that.

“Well I’m offended for all the little girls and the parents that didn’t have a choice.” Bachmann fired back.

The farther away Michele Bachmann is from a script, the better she can be.

Is Santorum looking for a VP Bid?:Okay conspiracy theory time. Santorum is still at the bottom of the polls. His gladiator like performance last night, attacking anything that moved, might move him up a couple of clicks but, he’s not going to win.

Do you think Bachmann’s people called Santorum’s people and said “Hey, let’s do something about this Perry guy”

He was a winner last night but, other candidates shouldn’t worry about how much ground he can gain rather, how much damage he can cause.

Didn’t win or lose:

Rick Perry: The only reason Perry didn’t lose is because it was apparent that everyone was attacking him.
– Bachmann attacking his vaccine decision.
– Romney jumping on his ponzi scheme comment
– Santorum on almost everything Perry brought to the table
– Paul on Texas Taxes
– Heck, Jon Huntsman wanted Perry tried for treason for his failure to protect the border!

Perry left the debate last night with a few dents and dings because he wasn’t ready. He’s going to be the target of some of these pretenders as long as he’s up there.

This can’t happen to him again.


Newt and Herman find friends but, not votes:Newt Gingrich is actually in Orlando Wednesday. He must have had a beer with Wolf Blitzer in the past because he didn’t criticize every question asked. The crowd liked him but there not going to vote for him.

Herman Cain got the loudest ovation at the beginning but only offered more “Conservative Comfort Food” and didn’t separate from the pack.

Jon Huntsman says what? My boy, Jon Huntsman. Some of the things he said last night would embarrass you if you were standing next to him at a party. He skipped along the third rail not keeping anything of the table when it came to cuts. Then there was the treason comment directed at Rick Perry, I like his policies but, it’s not going to play in front of a Tea Party audience.

Paul spars with Santorum gets booed for 9-11 opinion: Ron Paul’s opinion of motive for the terrorist attacks behind 9-11 are very similar to Bill Maher’s. To summarize…

We had it coming because of our activities in the Middle East.

Maher would apologize. Ron Paul, one day after the 10 year anniversary would not, in fact Santorum brought up a post on Paul’s blog that was published the day before

Ron Paul got booed and rightfully so. He’s was the biggest loser of the evening.

So, there you have it…What’s the next debate going to look like when Perry modifies his message? Will the field continue to attack him from every angle? Can he survive if they do?

See you next time!

There were some clear winners and losers at the debate last night

  1. So… Ron Paul was rightfully booed for voicing his opinion on the 9/11 attacks. I’m assuming then you believe the USA has the right to enter and occupy any country that it wants, and for any reason it feels necessary,(such as building an oil pipeline through Afganistan), and no government, ligit or otherwise, should make any waves because of it. Truth hurts, doesn’t it…idiot.

  2. Classy…..what else you got?

  3. Seriously, this 2012 administrative team is the last economic hope for the United States and Americans:

    President Michele Bachmann
    Vice-president Newt Gingrich
    Secretary of State Mitt Romney
    Secretary of Treasury Ron Paul
    Secretary of Commerce Gary Johnson
    Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

    “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his.”

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