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Political Class Warfare- Ugly but, Effective

In Uncategorized on September 19, 2011 at 4:18 pm

“That’s not fair!”

It’s one of the most uttered phrases used by young children, and that feeling of being treated unfairly, that feeling of being cheated and not getting the opportunities another might receive rolls right into adulthood. “Why did Bob get that promotion? He didn’t event finish school”, “Why did the Harris kid make the football squad? A French Poodle makes better tackles than that boy?”. Comparisons of what one has, how he got it and why the other didn’t get it. Pitting classes against each other is a powerful, political tactic that is as old as government itself. It incites anger and resentment.

Now, it’s returning to Washington as President Obama promotes the American Jobs Act.

One of the most memorable points of the President’s speech from less than two weeks ago was the Warren Buffet example. Obama declared that the billionaire investor’s secretary paid higher taxes than he did. He’s still riding that horse and he’s re-branded the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy into the “Buffet Rule” and says he’s not going to budge unless until everyone, the middle class and the upper class are on a level playing field.

The Buffett Rule pushes equal tax rates for all Americans regardless of earnings

Buffet’s on the record for asking the President to raise his taxes. Obama frequently points out that he himself should be paying his fair share.

It’s the Lower and Middle Class against the greedy manipulative oil tycoons that grease the political machine with millions in campaign donations, in exchange for special interests favors that keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor.

“That’s not fair”

It’s ugly but, it works and President Obama is going to keep the full court press on this until the Buffett rule is followed. This is nothing new but it’s a political tactic that until recently, wasn’t used by the Commander in Chief himself.

It’ more a talking point for activists. Especially, here in Florida, it was the battle cry for Democrats in 2010. The White House hopes it will be more effective next year when the President is on the ballot and They’re more likely to show up.

Wisconsin Congressman and Chairman of the House Budget committee Paul Ryan was on Fox News Sunday yesterday and summed it up pretty well. “Class warfare, may make for really good politics but it makes a rotten economics.” when asked about the Buffett rule.

WI. Rep. Paul Ryan pointed out the White House's Class Warfare approach on the Sunday Talkers

He was spot on, it’s very a potent technique and it makes the voter watching at home, feel the way we all felt at some point in our lives and pushes our minds into saying the very phrase I started this article with.

“That’s not fair”

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