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Jon Huntsman “shifting resources” from Orlando to New Hampshire

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2011 at 2:43 pm

The reinvention of Jon Huntsman has been fun to watch. Running as a moderate in a hyper-partisan political environment has been at times brilliant and other times painfully uncomfortable (trying Perry for treason?) Still, he’s gone from a complete non-factor in this race to a 2nd tier candidate that at least has people guessing what he’s going to say next.

It’s been entertaining but, it hasn’t gotten him any closer to victory.

Now Politico is reporting that the Huntsman campaign is “shifting resources” from Orlando to New Hampshire in an effort to replicate John McCain’s 2008 success.

He’s not even staying for the final day of Presidency V which, is right here in Orlando, his campaign’s headquarters.

Now, in all fairness shifting resources can mean anything from a complete transplant of operations to a few paperclips and folding furniture but, if he doesn’t have a top 3 finish in the straw poll on Saturday he’s got to wonder why he was being HQ’d in Orlando to begin with.

Either way, victory for Huntsman needs to start with a strong showing Thursday night at the Presidency V debate. He needs to be the “Regan Library Huntsman” and not the “Tampa Jon Huntsman” that got a little too cavalier last week.

I’m a moderate Republican and find myself rooting for Huntsman from time to time but, it’s stories like this one and skittish debate strategies like Tampa that makes me ask, what exactly his campaign is thinking from time to time?

Huntsman is shifting his efforts to New Hampshire this Saturday instead of Orlando

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