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The CPAC Fl U.S Senate Forum

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Update: Adam Hasner has won the CPAC FL straw poll. The former State Rep captured 34% of the vote. Coming in second was Mike McCalister with 30, George Lemieux with 24 and Craig Miller with 12.

Analysis:Hasner simply had the most passion in his speech today. He informed and inspired with a message that delivered conservative talking points, blended with a powerful call to action. The larger the crowd the better he sounds.

McCalister came in at 30% and he inspired but, he did it with sharp edged rhetoric that will turn off general election voters. He’s also high on poetry and low on percentages.

Lemieux played Republican easy listening to a crowd that wanted Tea Party speed metal. He’s still neck and neck with Hasner if you want to beat Bill Nelson.

Craig Miller needs to reinvent himself and get loud if he wants to stay relevant in this race.


All of the GOP candidates running in the primary to take on Senator Bill Nelson were on hand at CPAC Fl this afternoon. All 4 of their messages were refined from the debate downtown a few weeks back and all 4 were popular with the capacity crowd in attendance.

Hasner still the best speaker of the group

Lemieux's has a lot of boots on the ground here at CPAC FL and Presidency V

McCallister's rough delivery plays well with CPAC but, is he electable?

Miller calls his campaign a job interview with the people of Florida

A lot of Republicans are still undecided. I predicted that one would rise above the pack. They all brought their “A” game to CPAC, so they all rose a little.

Their still in a pack that will leave the voters undecided until they see more.

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