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Who Won The FOX News Debate from Presidency V Five in Orlando? 9/22/11

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As the capacity crowd files out of the Orange County Convention Center, let’s break down who the winners and losers were in the FOX News Debate from Presidency Five.

If you need to play catch up, I blogged the debate live here.

The Winners:

Romney still has the best delivery in the field: Rick Perry can get flustered at times but, Mitt Romney kept cool and defended himself without making it sound like he had anything to defend. Rick Perry tried to take the fight to him but, Romney never got frustrated moved from point to point smoothly.

He even got the first interview on Hannity.

Romney never got frustrated when Perry went after him

Orlando gives Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich a warm reception: There was a lot of respect for these two. Gingrich for his history in Washington and Cain for his survival of phase IV cancer and self made success. They’re not going to win the nomination but, both of their campaigns left in better shape then when they arrived.

Didn’t Win or Lose:

Rick Perry makes good on his second chance: Michele Bachmann came after Rick Perry with the same attack on the mandated vaccines for young girls in Texas. Word for word she repeated the same allegations from the Tampa Debate.

Perry was better prepared this time.

He replied with the story of being lobbied a 34 year old women who was dying of cervical cancer and reinforced his decision for supporting life and the vaccine (he admitted there should have been an opt out).

Perry still has some work to do. He looses his place sometimes during rebuttal. This could become a very serious problem if he debates, President Obama who’s a gifted orator.

Bachmann stays on message: The Minnesota Firebrand stayed on message but didn’t move forward. Is this enough to keep her campaign rolling?

Still better than anything Sarah Palin could deliver.

Paul on base with his base: Ron Paul’s loyal supported his message and he didn’t seem “out of it” like he has in previous debates. If he wants to break in to the conservative mainstream he has to present his libertarian ideas in an easier fashion to digest.


Santorum and Huntsman can’t gain ground: They slugged it out over Iraq and both made great points but, Huntsman’s moderate message kept the crowd too quiet. When Santorum took the fight to the other candidates, he didn’t get the drop on them like he did in Tampa. They swung back and caught him with a few good shots.

Gary Johnson: When your debate highlight is about the stool of canines, you should be a comedian not President.

Florida House Speaker spins for Texas Governor Rick Perry after the debate

Santorum in the spin room after a debate slugfest with Jon Huntsman

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