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Political Stocks: Who’s up, Who’s Down in O-Town (Post Presidency V Edition)

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2011 at 5:08 pm

I thought it would be fitting, to end an extremely successful Presidency Five convention with an edition of Political Stocks. It was an epic and awesome weekend so, let’s rank our GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Who’s up:

Herman Cain: Let’s get this straight. He earned his Presidency V victory. Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, Daytona, up and down the I4 corridor. He made himself accessible to the delegates and he campaigned hard. He was one of the winners at the debate on Thursday night.

Did I think he was going to win? No, but few did.

His Presidency V speech on Saturday was brilliant and changed minds just before the votes were taken. He won by a landslide because he’s met a lot of the delegates. Presidency V was circled on his calendar this was the event that was going to push him into the serious conversation.

It has pushed him into the serious conversation….as a VP candidate.

The rest of the nation is still looking for the answer to President Obama. Cain’s victory raised his stock but the powers that be are still trying to find the candidate that is going to put the White House back in the hands of the GOP.

Chris Christie: After the debate on Thursday and straw poll numbers on Saturday, you can bet the New Jersey Governor has been getting some phone calls. Too late to jump in? I disagree. Donors are still holding their checkbooks and if the big man from Jersey wants a fair shake, he’s going to get one. No problems with poise here, Christie’s style ignores it altogether.

Would he still run?

Holding Steady:

Mitt Romney:Ah, the generic Republican candidate that in theory, beats Obama but no one likes. I don’t get it, his delivery is polished, he knows the issues and holds up well under pressure. There is Romneycare but he’s said a dozen times whats good for a state might not be good for the country. He should regain his frontrunner status but, he’s still a last resort date to the prom.

Who’s down:

The Field:Santorum, Huntsman, Gingrich, Paul, and even your neighbor’s dogs Gary Johnson. With the exception of perhaps Ron Paul the rest of the field is sunk and needs to ask themselves why they’re going to keep running. Is to try and get a VP nod? Gingrich is a popular hypothetical choice according to answer some gave at the debate last week. Or is it to sell books? Most of these guys already have books (another debate talking point) and get the speaking engagement money when they’re out of office.

Rick Perry: What the heck happened? This guy was on top of the world (and the polls) two weeks ago and now he’s a cold product. I thought his debate performance was mediocre but you guys must have thought much worse. Presidency V was suppose to be his show and instead delegates were jumping on the Hurri-Cain train and left him at the second place station with the rest of the losers.

2nd place doesn’t cut it for a guy with a hype machine this big. This needs to be fixed in a hurry. When he jumped in the race, Conservatives thought the Texas Governor was John Wayne. Now, he’s looking more like Quick Draw Mcgraw.

Is this the new image voters have of Rick Perry?

Michele Bachmann:
Want to know what I said when I heard the Minnesota Congresswoman and leader of the Tea Party Caucus in Washington only got 40 votes at Presidency V? “What the *expletive* was that?”

40 votes…let that sink in for a second. Bachmann took the Ames Iowa straw poll a few weeks back but she was born there. She didn’t participate or even invest that much in Presidency V but, the rest of the country doesn’t know that. The media is ready to call that campaign over.

She’s where her fellow Minnesota lawmaker, Tim Pawlenty was before he dropped out.


Some final words about Presidency V: What a terrific event and it was a blast to attend! From being able to go one on one with Florida Governor Rick Scott to meeting other journalists and writers from around the country, it was a rewarding experience, I was sad to see end.

A great job by RPOF and their team right here in Orange County, they made Orlando look great.

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