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Herman Cain needs to win in Florida again to stay relevant.

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 at 3:12 pm

Herman Cain is back in Florida today, returning the region that delivered him shocking victory less than two weeks ago. It’s remarkable what you guys have done for Cain. When he won the straw poll at Presidency V, RPOF delegates punched Herman’s ticket to the Tonight Show, The View, and the pop culture mainstream. He’s not a novelty candidate anymore.

He’s going to need your help again, you know.

Today, in the villages (not even 24 hours after Mitt Romney was there) he’ll be thanking the delegates and the support he’s received here and no doubt be asking for your continued efforts as the “Herman Cain Train” rolls on. You see, when Florida moved up it’s primary date it became part of the “path to victory” along with the other early states. You see, these other early states already have names on them.

Iowa belongs to Bachmann because she was born there
New Hampshire is leaning towards Romney
South Carolina was suppose to be Rick Perry’s (he declared there) but, that’s up in the air now.

Which brings us right back to the Sunshine State. The location of Herman Cain’s only significant victory thus far.

Unless Cain can score a victory in one of the previously mentioned contests he’s going to have win in Florida again to keep his campaign going. It’s not going to be easy, the public is taking a closer look at him. He’s “new” to foreign policy and like I’ve mentioned before 999 has got some strange math going for it.

It is possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve doubted him before and don’t intend on taking him lightly, at least here in Florida. So, sit back guys, you’re going to be seeing much, much more of Herman Cain in the next couple of months.

Cain will need to call on Florida again to keep his campaign going

  1. FL straw poll = Cain’s “only win”?

    Ummm…there have been a LOT of polls – both straw polls and traditional statistical models that show Cain as a top-tier contender.

    my post from yesterday:

    Since that post, a new CBS poll also showed Cain in the top 2.

  2. How silly of me! TEAcon in Schaumburg…a political powerhouse if I ever saw one!

    Analyze the trends, those polls have Cain trailing Romney by as much as a touchdown. The CBS poll also says that Mitt Romney (32%) still has the best chance of beating Obama (Cain only has 8%). That’s the biggest number of all.

    Cain exercises terrific poise in the media but, I’m still not sold on him.

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