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Sarah Says No, Palin not Running for President

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Last night the last big name in waiting set the record straight. She’s not running for President either.

Former Alaska Governor, VP candidate, and conservative favorite Sarah Palin is not running for President. She penned a pretty good letter that cited her family and vowed to help whoever the nominee is defeat Barack Obama.

There are at least a dozen other real reasons why she chose not to run. They range from everything like media faux pas to the controversial comments in her books. If she got in she would have commanded serious attention and she had the base there to raise money and get up and moving in time for Iowa. Her team probably looked at the hypothetical poll numbers. Including the one that said the majority of Republicans would not want her to run and made the call. The right call. She’s fine where she is now.

Her announcement along with Chris Christie’s no mean that this is it. If you’re Republican, you’re riding with this group of Presidential hopefuls.

The enthusiasm the donors have for this crop of challengers could best be compared with the anticipation of getting a tooth pulled by tying it to a string connected to the back of a Ford Pick-up, being driven by Rachel Maddow, and asking to her floor it.

Really!? This is it? Oh well…

Ultimately the party will unite behind whatever character win this primary and as the political war machines get fired up, most of the noise will be right here in Central Florida. A campaigning President Obama is much more formidable than the one we’re seeing now and as soon and the musicians and movie stars start getting involved it’s going to be a tough fight.

Sarah is out but in the end the real question, the key inquiry, the decision maker that will decide the election in 2012 will be.

Are you in?

Palin will not be running for President

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