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Carole Crist joins Democratic Party

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Say what you like about former Governor Charlie Crist, and you can say plenty.

He flip flops like a freshly caught trout on the issues.
He treats each term of public service as a rung on the ladder to the White House.

and then they’re is always this….(this blog’s favorite clip…ever)

That will never get old.

As much as you can tease Charlie Crist about those things and the fact that if he would have stepped aside for Marco Rubio last year and stayed in the Republican party, he might be ahead of Bill Nelson in the polls. Instead, he’s currently an Independent and working for one of the biggest Democratic fundraisers in the country. So, yeah there’s a lot. One thing he did do right?

He married his wife Carole.

Former Florida First Lady Carole Crist

She looks like a movie star and she’s also the latest high profile addition to the Democratic Party. Her explanation? She feels more comfortable with them. That’s fine, gotta follow your heart but her transition leads to the next question.

When will Charlie Crist switch to Democrat? After he does, will he take on current Governor Rick Scott in 2014?

It all makes sense on paper. Send the spouse in to do a little networking, some recon, gauge the mood and report back. Governor Scott is vulnerable and Charlie Crist would be a better candidate for the Democrats than say former Florida CFO Alex Sink who was caught in “textgate” and voted the worst candidate in the country. Crist would also be able to raise more funds than former AG candidate, Miami attorney Dan Gelber.

Make no mistake, this is the first step Charlie Crist is taking to run for office again.

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