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Who Won the ABC/Republican Party of Iowa GOP debate? 12-10-11

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It was a terrific debate and I’m glad the candidates had a great showing on ABC. It’s the only debate where everyone (including the loyal rabbit ear folks) could watch. Let’s break it down

Instant Analysis:


Newt Gingrich: Perhaps the best thing about the incredible Gingrich comeback story is that he’s given the time to slug it out with the candidates. He drew blood on Mitt Romney when he brought up Mitt’s defeat to Kennedy that kept him from becoming a career politician. Calling the Palestinians an invented people might not have been the best way to answer a foreign policy question but he didn’t back away from it and that’s what the votes want.

Mitt Romney: While Gingrich was the first candidate to swing back and hit Romney. Mitt had another strong showing. He kept his head on a swivel and when attacked by Rick Perry he shined the light back on the Texas Governor’s mandated vaccines. A subject that touches a lot of nerves. In a hug it out moment, Romney supported Gingrich’s answer to Palestine while extracting the “invented people” portion.

Didn’t Win or Lose:

Michele Bachmann: She jumped moderators George Stephanopolus and Diane Sawyer several times and debated for her campaign’s life. She made some strong points about being a strong opposite of Barack Obama’s and the Newt Romney turn was clever but, it’s still unclear whether this performance will give her a jump in the polls.

Ron Paul: So right on Fiscal Policy and so wrong with Foreign Policy. He does get a lot of applause and this debate was in Iowa. You can’t count him out.


Rick Perry: You know, he can’t debate for jack but the damage control he’s done has made him more likeable. He still can’t answer questions on immigration, he still got punked by Mitt Romney, and at the end of this primary he’ll still be the Governor of Texas where at this point, I believe he belongs.

Rick Santorum: Not enough time face time to make a lead in the huge deficit he’s facing in the polls.

Jon Huntsman: It’s one thing to sit out debates because it’s a counter programming strategy. It’s another to be excluded from an ABC Primetime debate because you’re not polling high enough. Ouch.

Check back tomorrow for more detailed analysis.

  1. Ron Paul clearly won this debate.

  2. You’re man did well tonight. Not enough air time to get in the win column and needs to be more open minded with middle eastern affairs that could leave us or our allies vulnerable.

  3. chris what debate were you watching newt gingrich did he stopped ron paul in his track and mitt Romeny there wasn’t 1 person who knew more about the things on there then newt gingrich.

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