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Happy New Year! Are you ready for 2012?

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Where did 2011 go? I can tell you.

Watching Debates.

Maybe not but, there was a lot going. It’s great being able to write about it and sharing it all with you. Enjoy your champagne tonight because there isn’t going to much time to reflect after tonight.

The Iowa caucuses on Tuesday, and New Hampshire a week later.
The circus comes to Florida again on January 31st with our primary.
Again in full force with the Republican National Convention in Tampa.
And of course elections in November.

Who’s team are you on? A Facebook Friend Posted the Best Candidate Matching Quiz from USA Today, I’ve seen in a while. Check it out.

In the non-political column we’ve got the calendar is also full.

The NBA All-Star Game is coming here after all, and Dwight Howard might be leaving, not long after.
DPAC and Sunrail projects will continue to grind forward.
The Olympics.
And of course… The Dark Knight Rises.

In addition to work, school, raising families, and living in Florida. It will be a busy year and a memorable one.

2011 was good.

2012 will be better.

See you next year.

Happy New Years!

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