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Rogue Gallart Announces Candidacy for Florida State Senate District 19

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Rogue Gallart has announced his candidacy for State Senate D19. He issued the following release, in what is shaping up to be one of Central Florida’s more exciting races.



Orlando – Rogue Gallart, President of the Central Florida Disability Chamber of Commerce (CFDC), announces his candidacy for the Democratic Florida State Senate for District 19 today.

Under Gallart’s leadership, the CFDC provides information and education on business creation and growth across the entire State of Florida, specifically designed for the needs of people with disabilities.

Gallart was instrumental in developing the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, which educates Central Florida Youths on entrepreneurship as a career path. It also fosters opportunities for students to gain work based experiences in leadership, developing interpersonal skills and management.

“Innovation and growth of entrepreneurship lies with the proper education of our youth of today. Education is a progressive discovery and should never be taken for granted,” says Gallart.

Gallart’s nonprofit career began at The Center for Independent Living (CIL), as the Director of Advocacy and Legislative Affairs. He began the Business Advisory Council, a division of CIL focused on improving employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Under his direction, the council grew to include several hundred local businesses.

Gallart currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Beacon Network, an organization dedicated to diversity inclusion in the workplace. He also serves on the Board for the Greater Orlando Business Leadership Network. Gallart is a member of the Executive Committee for the Hispanic Office for Local Assistance.

“These are challenging times, people are downhearted about government, and too many Floridians are still out of the work. We need to focus on job creation and we need to push forward to get results. It’s time for a fresh start.” said Gallart.

Primary elections will be held on August 14, 2012. For more information on Rogue Gallart’s campaign visit

Rogue Gallart announced his candidacy today.


Gallart joins former Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart, termed out State Rep Geraldine Thompson, and Victoria Siplin, wife of current incumbent Gary Siplin.

  1. Exiting or exciting?

  2. Nice catch and we’ve actually met for a split second! Thanks for reading!

  3. […] State Senate D19 will be something to behold. Rouge Gallart, Linda Stewart, State Rep Geraldine Thompson and Victoria Siplin all going for Gary “Droopy […]

  4. […] State Senate D19 will be something to behold. Rouge Gallart, Linda Stewart, State Rep Geraldine Thompson and Victoria Siplin all going for Gary “Droopy […]

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