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Orange County Young Democrats President Jason Henry to run for Florida House of Representatives

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It has been a busy day for politics in Central Florida. The President’s visit, Rick Perry jumping out of the GOP primary (what a rough end to that campaign), and it turns out Rick Santorum did win Iowa…go figure.

The show goes on and the state house races are starting to heat up. Today, we’ve got another announcement. Jason Henry, President of the Orange County Young Democrats has declared for district 39. D39’s current incumbent Geraldine Thompson, is termed out and seeking the hotly contested State Senate seat in District 19.

I asked Henry why he was running and here’s what he had to say.

“I am choosing to run now because I am a husband, a father and I am not happy with the direction this district is headed in. I want to help shape and mold the future for my daughter and future grandchildren.”

He also sent out this formal release.


ORLANDO, Fla – Orange County Young Democrats President Jason Henry has decided to run for the Florida State House in District 39.

“District 39 is missing two key components: Leadership and vision. Current and past representatives have failed the district and we are experiencing the results of their failures. There is consistently high unemployment numbers, economic decay and a deficiency of business opportunities.”

As chairman of the Orange County Young Democrats Jason has worked locally on issues of voter suppression, engaged the community through political education and held local leaders accountable for deficient actions toward the community.

“Like many Floridians I am tired of the ineptitude of our local and state leadership. We have seen the inability of our politicians to work together on behalf of the people as evidenced by their continued cuts to education and health programs that help the underprivileged. It is time for an injection of new leadership and I am committed to providing a new vision for our community.”

This campaign is a referendum on the futile leadership by those who represent us in Tallahassee.

“I believe in the people of this community and respect their desire for a new way forward. Dr. Martin Luther King once said that ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.’ I will always have eternal hope that is seeped in love and sacrifice. I will bring that same passion and optimism to serve the great people of this great district.

As the Pine Hills community gears up to celebrate the opening of the new Evans High School on Saturday, January 21st, Jason will join the community in the parade to observe the opening of the new high school.

“Join me in my quest for change for the people of District 39. We cannot afford more of the same by entertaining old ideas and inept want to be political figures. The people of District 39 deserve better.”

To find out more about Jason’s campaign you can visit his website


He joins Reverend and Businesswoman Pam Powell, as well as others, in the Democrat leaning district.

Jason Henry has declared his candidacy for Florida House District 39

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